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21 Reasons Why People Play Logic Puzzles

Thursday, September 12, 2013 21 Reasons Why People Play Logic Puzzles

If you're reading this page you must be a logic puzzles lover. Maybe even an addict, obsessively spending valuable hours searching for the next move until that eureka moment when you find it right in front of you.

But did you ever stop to think why? The answer isn't trivial as it may seem. Even we, at Conceptis, who've been making (and solving...) logic puzzles for nearly two decades, are still not sure what is it exactly that makes people love playing our puzzles so much. We therefore decided to ask our Facebook fans to share their own views about the subject and many of you did.

Far from being complete

The most popular answers refer to relaxation, calming anxiety, preventing Alzheimer and adding logic – something one can always be dependent on - to our lives. Perhaps that doesn't always make sense, but that’s what our Facebook fans said and there are many more inspiring answers as well.

The following is a summary of the reasons we found particularly interesting but the list is far from being complete. If you haven't joined the conversation yet or in case you can think of any other reasons why people love playing logic puzzles - please do take a moment and share them with us via Facebook, Twitter or Weibo, through our forums or simply by email. Here are the 21 reasons why people play logic puzzles:

Why people play logic puzzles

1. To take my mind off the non-logical things in life (Hilde Siegersma)

2. Using that part of my brain lets the rest of my brain relax! (Norton McGregory)

3. They make sense, even when the rest of my life may not. (Christie Allen Jameson)

4. Puzzles help calm my anxiety. They take so much focus that I can't be focusing on my obsessive thoughts. They calm me and help my brain find order. (Shannon Davis Frechette)

5. To prevent Alzheimer. (Sally Inglis)

6. I like to use my brain doing something that can be figured out logically and predictably without having to use intuition or guessing or memory but with knowledge of how deduction and patterns work. (Debbie Milam Berkley)

7. They're addictive... meditative kind of. (Tuula Katriina)

8. My brain needs challenges, everyday live doesn't always bring enough and the logic puzzles are a great dose of challenge. (Linda Juffermans)

9. They provide instant gratification when complete. I can use them as a method to compete with myself. Satisfaction that I CAN still think things through. (Sometimes it doesn't feel like it!) (Bits Foerg)

10. I had a brain injury a few years ago. I use them in a therapeutic way. (Christine Cassidy)

11. Because I'm addicted to them (Ann Dugdale)

12. Just for fun (Talha Baykal)

13. For the mental exercise and the satisfaction of figuring them out (Sandy Stright)

14. I just like doing them to keep my mind off what bothers me (Andrea Myers)

15. I like playing games .... but hate all the shooting and fighting games so logical ones are very good choice (Merja Sukanen)

16. It's relaxing (Ally Marie)

17. To broaden our minds (Chris Card)

18. Because it's logical (Jean Hoskins Cochran)

19. Because I can (Lyndal Solomon)

20. Increasing the creativity (Xoyatl Nieva Argüero)

21. Exercise the brain cells (Jeff Loeb)

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