Conceptis Website Privacy Policy

General is an online logic puzzles community with more than 200,000 registered members and many new ones joining every day. While some people come just for the puzzles, many others seek for a more advanced and social interactive experience. To do so, this website allows you sharing some personal information and preferences with other members.

We never have and never will share, provide, disclose or sell any of our members' personal information to any third party or individual. We get tons of spam and hate it just like you! All personal information will be used strictly for internal demographic analysis, and will be handled by Conceptis' management team only.

Member profile

The only mandatory information which must be entered when registering is your username, country and email. The username and country will always be public while the email may be public or private depending on your preference. There is more community profile information in the Member profile form which is optional, such as first name, last name, birthday, interests, occupation, and so on. This information, except for the items which you prefer to keep private using the hide option, will become visible in the forums. Other information such as puzzle profile and forum preferences will always remain private.

Traffic statistics

When serving millions of Internet pages every month webmasters must have some way of tracking basic traffic trends. Collecting information about where browsers are coming from, which pages they visit most and what Flash versions are used are essential to improve any website code and content. Thus, at we use traffic monitoring tools such as Google Analytics and to measure statistical traffic patterns on the website. These services provide us with purely anonymous statistical data which is not able to, and will not be used to track or collect personally identifiable information about our members.

Sharing statistics with the community

Some of the above statistical information as well as information provided in the Member profile form may be used for our own development and marketing purposes to improve the quality and fun of our puzzles. From time to time we may also share this information with our publishers and puzzle fans, in the form of news items containing statistical data about puzzling preferences, market trends and so on. All information in such cases will remain strictly anonymous.


It is impossible to provide any advanced user based services nowadays without using Internet cookies. Thus, cookies must be turned on in your browser to register to Conceptis' community. The cookies are used to hold your username, password and viewing options, allowing you to login. For instructions on how to enable your cookies in your browser see here.