Shade squares so that numbers don’t appear in a row or column more than once

  • The number elimination puzzle from Japan
  • Fun, addictive and fascinating
  • Simple rules, very easy to learn
  • Requires no language or math skills
  • Wide range of logic and difficulty levels
  • Develops logical deduction and reasoning

See Hitori rules

Classic Hitori

Play new puzzles each week

Each puzzle consists of a square grid with numbers appearing in all squares. The object is to shade squares so:

  • No number appears in a row or column more than once.
  • Shaded (black) squares do not touch each other vertically or horizontally.
  • When completed, all un-shaded (white) squares create a single continuous area.

See Hitori rules

Classic Hitori 4x4
Difficulty: Ultra easy
Classic Hitori 6x6
Difficulty: Easy
Classic Hitori 8x8
Difficulty: Medium