Surround each clue with lines, according to its value, to form one single loop

  • The loop-forming puzzle from Japan
  • Fun, addictive and fascinating
  • Simple rules, very easy to learn
  • Requires no language or math skills
  • Wide range of logic and difficulty levels
  • Develops logical deduction and reasoning

See Slitherlink rules

Classic Slitherlink

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Each puzzle consists of a rectangular lattice of dots with some clues in various places. The object is to link adjacent dots so:

  • The value of each clue equals the number of links surrounding it.
  • Empty squares may be surrounded by any number of links.
  • When completed, the solution forms a single continuous loop with no crossings or branches.

See Slitherlink rules

Classic Slitherlink 6x6
Difficulty: Very easy
Classic Slitherlink 7x7
Difficulty: Easy
Classic Slitherlink 10x10
Difficulty: Easy