Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Which kind of puzzles can I find on this website?

A: This website provides language independent logic puzzles which are solved requiring no previous knowledge and using logic alone. The puzzles are divided into two main categories: Picture Logic such as Pic-a-Pix, Link-a-Pix and Fill-a-Pix which form pixel-art pictures when solved, and Number Logic such as Sudoku, Kakuro, Hashi and Battleships which don’t provide any recognizable picture.

Q: How are the puzzles played?

A: Puzzles are played on applications developed by Conceptis, which enable users to play online as well as to print and solve with pencil and paper. Puzzles may be played, saved on Conceptis’ servers, and continued on any computer anywhere in the world. In addition, the active puzzle thumbnails feature automatic updates reflecting new solution state whenever puzzles are saved in the Play online section.

Q: Are there new puzzles published regularly?

A: Yes. This website publishes over 110 new puzzles every week, which can be played online or printed and solved on paper.

Q: When and where are the new puzzles published?

A: The new puzzles are published every Friday at 12:00 GMT in the Play online section.

Q: What happens to a puzzle after I buy it?

A: When buying a puzzle, its status shown in the thumbnail ellipse will change from Buy to New and you will be able to start playing it immediately. In addition, the puzzle will move from the Buy page to the My new page.

Q: How long can I play a puzzle after I buy it?

A: By purchasing puzzles, Conceptis grants you and your household a license to use them on a personal basis for as long as this website exists. You can print and play online as many times as you want but you may not forward or provide puzzles to others in any format or allow any other person to log in and play under your username.

Q: How long can I access my saved and solved puzzles?

A: Conceptis will maintain all saved and solved records of your purchased puzzles as long as you are actively playing the puzzles. We keep the right to delete saved records of puzzles which were not played for 6 months, and we also keep the right to delete both saved and solved records if you did not log in to your account for more than one year. Should this happen, all your saved and solved puzzles will come up as new.

Q: You offer many puzzle types but I only like one or two. What should I do?

A: You can buy specific puzzles from the current week or from previous weeks and pay only for the ones you like. You can also find all these puzzles in the Buy page.

Q: I like Picture Logic puzzles and rarely solve anything else. What should I do?

A: In this case buying discounted weekly packages is the best deal for you. The puzzles cost much less than buying them one at a time and at the same time you get lots of other puzzles you might want to try in the future.

Q: Why are some puzzles showing their solutions?

A: This is because you are looking at the Puzzles section showcasing all puzzle types available on this site. The Puzzles section is a static area designed to introduce newcomers to Conceptis’ puzzles. To solve puzzles which don’t show their solutions, go to Play online.


Weekly packages

Q: What are Weekly packages?

A: A Weekly package is a method of buying all puzzles published in a certain week at a considerable discount. To see the full list of puzzles included in each package, visit the Weekly package page and select a desired week from the calendar.

Q: Has Conceptis considered Weekly packages for each puzzle type?

A: Although this idea sounds simple to do, there are too many technical complications, pricing model problems, and future scalability limitations as more puzzles are added to the website in the coming years. We therefore decided not to provide a Weekly package for each puzzle type and, as an alternative, the Weekly package is priced at a huge discount.

Q: When buying a Weekly package, how can I know if I already bought some puzzles of the same week?

A: When buying a Weekly package you will always get a warning message in case one or more of the puzzles have already been bought before. In addition, the respective puzzles will be marked in red in the list on the bottom pane of the Weekly package page.

Q: What happens if I bought some puzzles of a certain week and now I want to get the whole Weekly package?

A: It is always possible to buy a Weekly package even if some of its puzzles have been bought individually before. However, there will be no refund in such cases.



Q: What are Conceptis Credits?

A: Conceptis Credits is a pay-per-puzzle system allowing fans to play and pay only for the puzzles they really want. ‎Conceptis Credits can also be used to buy weekly puzzle packages at huge discounts.

Q: How Conceptis Credits work?

A: Conceptis Credits are purchased at the Purchase credits page after which they are used to buy individual puzzles or Weekly packages on the Play online section. The number of Credits required to buy each puzzle depends on the puzzle type, size and difficulty, and whether it is Picture Logic or Number Logic. Picture Logic puzzles are usually more expensive since they are created manually by professional artists. Conceptis Credits can also be used to buy weekly puzzle packages at considerable discounts.

Q: How long are Credits valid for?

A: Conceptis Credits are valid for 12 months from your latest log in after which they expire with no refund. Log in and solve puzzles at least once a year to prevent Credit expiration.

Q: What is Conceptis refund policy?

A: Conceptis provides a 14-day full refund policy on your last Credits purchase providing none of the Credits have been used.

Q: Which Credit packages are available?

A: Currently available Credit packages are 200 Credits for $4, 500 Credits for $8, 1250 Credits for $16, 3000 Credits for $33 and 7500 Credits for $80.

Q: How much Conceptis Credits actually cost?

A: The actual price of Conceptis Credits depends on which Credits package you purchase... the more Credits per package, the lower the price per Credit. Buying 200 Credits for $4 means you pay 2 Cents per Credit while buying 7500 Credits for $80 means you’ll pay only 1.1 Cents which is 45% less.

Q: How many puzzles can I get with 500 credits?

A: With 500 credits you can buy 2 weekly packages. Alternatively, you can spend your 500 credits buying 30 Pic-a-Pix 30x30 puzzles or 20 Fill-a-Pix 40x40 or 250 Classic Sudoku or 60 Kakuro 16x16 or 40 Hashi over 32x24.

Q: What can I do if I accidentally bought a wrong puzzle or a wrong Weekly package?

A: It is Conceptis’ policy to keep our members happy. If you accidentally bought a wrong puzzle or a wrong Weekly package, please send an email to support@conceptispuzzles.com stating your username and explaining what happened and we will do our best to help.

Q: How can I buy Concepts Credits?

A: Go to the Purchase credits page, select the Credits package you want to buy and click "Proceed to purchase credits". You will then be asked to confirm your purchase details, select a payment method and continue to place your order.

Q: Which payment methods are available?

A: The payment methods currently available to purchase Conceptis Credits are VISA, MasterCard and Diners credit cards and PayPal.

Q: What happens to my Credits after I purchase them?

A: Your Credits are kept in your account until they are used to buy individual puzzles or Weekly packages. Each time you buy a puzzle or a Weekly package a new line showing the transaction details will be added, the relevant amount of Credits will be deducted and your account will show the updated balance.

Q: How can I see how many Credits I still have left?

A: Your credit balance appears in the top-left area of all conceptispuzzles.com web pages, just under the Conceptis logo. For more details about previous transactions, go to Recent transactions in My account.

Q: How far back can I see the Credit transactions history in My account?

A: From time to time Conceptis archives Credit purchasing and spending records which are older than 4 weeks. If you wish to keep transaction records for a longer period of time you may export them to Excel on a periodic basis. In case of questions or problems with older transactions please email us at support@conceptispuzzles.com.



Q: How does puzzle payments work?

A: Under each puzzle is its price in Conceptis Credits. Upon clicking a puzzle showing “Buy” or a weekly package, a request is sent to the server that checks your Credit balance. If you have enough Credits and you choose to continue, the Credits are deducted from your account and the particular puzzle or selected weekly package will be yours.

Q: Why are some puzzles more expensive than others?

A: In general, puzzle prices (in Credits) reflect their gaming value as well as their production costs. Therefore larger puzzles are more expensive than smaller ones, and Picture Logic puzzles, which are created manually by professional artists are more expensive than Number Logic puzzles.



Q: Is this website safe?

A: This website is protected and sealed by Norton Secured - the world's most trusted cyber security service, powered by Symantec. All payment transactions made through conceptispuzzles.com are encrypted before transmission. The site is also regularly scanned by Norton for malware and vulnerabilities.