Another use for logic puzzles

Monday, December 6, 2004 Another use for logic puzzles

My name is Corey Plover. I am a 24 years old newly-wed living in the city of Melbourne, Australia. I work as an actuarial analyst at a consulting firm called Cumpston Sarjeant Truslove and those guys pictured in the puzzle are my directors.

I love solving logic puzzles, and some time ago I came up with the idea to use them for one of our company’s events. I contacted Conceptis to see how this could be done, and was incredibly pleased with both the end result and their rapid response. My intention is to distribute this puzzle to our employees for our Christmas party and for us all to share a laugh at the brilliant caricature created by Conceptis. I am sure everybody will enjoy it greatly, whether that be due to the jest at our boss's expense, or the satisfaction I am sure they will obtain from solving the puzzle.

My work involves a large degree of mathematical or statistical calculations as well as some programming and computational tasks. I deeply enjoy my work, perhaps because it is a job that greatly complements my recreational puzzling - both involve a pleasing blend of methodical reasoning with uncontrolled brainstorming.

Captivated by Conceptis puzzles

All my life I have had an immense passion for puzzles, and most of my spare time is spent finding, completing or creating them. My wife's puzzling experience extends to old adventure games, so apart from time spent together playing Lucasarts' Monkey Island (the original 1990 version) she is quite content for me to bury myself amongst pens and papers and the multitudes of puzzles therein.

I have been captivated by Conceptis puzzles since first encountering them in the form of 'Paint by Numbers'. They are the most original class of pen & paper puzzles I have ever experienced, each puzzle a masterpiece of artistic flair and systematic logic. I personally have developed an affinity towards the color Link-a-Pix family of puzzles.

The admiration I feel when I see those seemingly limitless possibilities of interlocked lines filter down to a single artistic solution never ceases to amaze me. I offer my congratulations on a wonderfully entertaining and addictive new pastime for me to enjoy.

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