Bottle Magic Sweepstakes - with your own puzzle solution inside

Thursday, January 20, 2011 Bottle Magic Sweepstakes - with your own puzzle solution inside

If you've been around this website for a while you probably stumbled upon Bottle Magic by America's Sports Magician Jeff Scanlan. Today, Conceptis and Jeff Scanlan are happy to announce the Bottle Magic Sweepstakes to our USA fans.

You now have a chance to win a personal custom made Bottle Magic bottle containing your very own solved puzzle. The puzzle solution will be glued to an originally cellophane wrapped deck of cards, pierced with a pencil and hanging from the top of the bottle by a rope. The image below shows a rough sketch of the Bottle Magic Sweepstakes prize design.

A rough sketch of the Bottle Magic Sweepstakes prize design.

How to participate

You may enter the Bottle Magic Sweepstakes until Thursday, February 10, 2011 as follows:

1. Download this Pic-a-Pix puzzle (pdf).

2. Print the puzzle and solve it according to the Pic-a-Pix rules.

3. Place the solution in an envelope and mail to "Jeff Scanlan, 201 N. School St., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056" stating your full name, username on conceptispuzzles.com and return mailing address in the USA.

The winner's full name, username on conceptispuzzles.com and U.S. state will be announced on this website by Thursday, February 24, 2011. The announcement will include photos of the Bottle Magic prize and the winning solution.

Sweepstakes Rules

Please read these rules carefully before entering the Bottle Magic Sweepstakes (the "Sweepstakes"). You agree that, by mailing your puzzle solution entry, you will be bound by these rules and you acknowledge that you satisfy all sweepstakes eligibility requirements.

1. The Sweepstakes is limited to registered members of conceptispuzzles.com who are USA residents and over 18 ‎years old.

2. Your mailing address will not be published or used for any purpose other than sending you the Magic Bottle prize in the event that you win the contest. If you win, your full name, Conceptis username, U.S. state and a photo of your puzzle solution will be published in the special winner announcement.

3. Owner of the winning puzzle solution will receive the personalized Bottle Magic prize as described in this announcement, shipped anywhere within the USA on our account.

4. The Sweepstakes ends February 10, 2011 – all solutions must arrive at Jeff Scanlan's mailbox by the end of that day.

5. Winner selection is random.

6. This sweepstakes complies with Conceptis Privacy Policy.

About Jeff and the Bottle Magic

Jeff and the Bottle Magic

Jeff Scanlan, America’s sports magician since 1992, is also a master amongst the few Bottle Magic artists around the world. Challenging human logic, Jeff has been inserting decks of cards, tennis balls, padlocks and what-not objects into glass bottles through the necks creating a collection of mind baffling impossible bottles. Because the methods are so secretive, difficult and time consuming, it is estimated there’s only a dozen people in the world mastering this art form. Jeff is considered to be one of the very best.

Jeff is following the footsteps of Harry Eng, the Impossible Bottle master who passed away in 1996 taking most of his secrets away with him. Jeff puts creativity and countless hours into his Bottle Magic designs, gathering puzzled fans not only throughout the United States but worldwide in such countries as Australia, Austria, Germany, France, Japan, and England. His Bottle Magic has been featured in Linking Ring Magazine (the world's largest magic magazine) and other newspapers. Later this year Jeff's Bottle Magic will be featured in Games Magazine in USA as well as in the museum of The College of Magic in South Africa.

For more about Jeff and his Bottle Magic bottles visit bottlemagic.com.

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