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Chain Sudoku: A new twist on the world's most popular puzzle

Monday, August 10, 2009 Chain Sudoku: A new twist on the world's most popular puzzle

Chain Sudoku, probably the best variant of the world's most popular logic puzzle, has been released by Conceptis. Available for magazines, books and newspapers as well as for online interactive gaming, mobile phones and other electronic media, Chain Sudoku offers a new twist and extra fun without adding any new rules. Starting August 14, Conceptis puzzle fans are invited to celebrate the release of Chain Sudoku Interactive with one medium puzzle and one large puzzle in My Sudoku each week.

Chain Sudoku puzzles are similar to Classic Sudoku except that the numbers are grouped in chains instead of boxes. In addition to keeping the rules simple and intuitive, this new twist enables Chain Sudoku puzzles to be created in grid sizes from 4x4 to 9x9, all using the same rules and all with a the same graphic appearance. This, together with the endless randomly-shaped chains, provides a huge variety of logic situations and an unparalleled solving experience.

Play Chain Sudoku

Can't wait to try Chain Sudoku? You can start now with the 5x5 sample on this page. Then, you can continue to the Chain Sudoku page in the Puzzles section to learn more about how to use the Interactive features as well as to enjoy solving more samples in progressive sizes and difficulty levels. One Chain Sudoku will also be offered in My weekly review next Sunday.

If you enjoyed playing with Chain Sudoku or have any comments or questions please let us know on this forum thread, on our Facebook page or through your Twitter #ChainSudoku @Conceptis.

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