Get started section

The Get started section, containing permanent free puzzles, is a comprehensive structured guide to Conceptis' puzzle types, variants and models. Each puzzle type (e.g. Pic-a-Pix, Sudoku) has its own page with online puzzle samples as well as links to the rules, interactive tutorial, solving techniques, interactive game instructions, solving tips and puzzle history. All free puzzles can be played online or printed to solve with pencil and paper. The puzzles can also be saved locally on your computer.


Play online section

Play online is the heart and hub of where you can play thousands of top quality logic puzzles with over 100 new puzzles added each week. Play online is also the place where puzzles are saved on Conceptis' servers and where puzzles are served blank showing just the puzzle solution states whenever they are saved. In this section you can solve, save and resume puzzles regardless of where they are located or which computer you are using. You can also print each puzzle to solve with pencil and paper. In short, Play online is the place you want to be once you are familiar with the puzzles.

Registering for Play online membership is very easy. With this membership you can also manage your profile and privacy settings and participate in forum conversations.


Playing puzzles in the Play online section

Puzzles can be played online by clicking the Play or Buy buttons where available. The Play and Buy buttons will change to Saved when a puzzle is saved, and to Solved when a puzzle is completed. While playing online, all explanations about how to play interactively are available by clicking the Help (?) button on the game toolbar.


Printing puzzles in the Play online section

High quality printouts of puzzles, solutions and current online playing state are possible by clicking the Print button on the game toolbar. Puzzle scaling, multi-page printing and other puzzle specific options are also available in the Print dialog box.


Saving online puzzles

All puzzles played online on this website can be saved and resumed any time. Puzzles played in the Play online section are saved on Conceptis servers so you can start a puzzle on one computer and continue on any other computer regardless of its location. Whenever a puzzle is saved, the corresponding thumbnail will automatically update to display the saved state. Thus, whenever returning to Play online you will see all puzzles in the state you last saved them without needing to open a single puzzle.

Puzzles played in all other sections will be saved locally on your computer inside the browser environment.


Book Store section

This section offers a continuously growing selection of PDF puzzle books which can be downloaded to the user's computer, printed on any home or office printer, and solved using pencil and eraser. The books are themed and sorted according to puzzle types, sizes, difficulty levels, picture content and other criteria. The Book Store section contains some free book samples while all other books can be bought using Conceptis Credits.


Printing books in the Book Store section

All books in Conceptis Book Store are designed for home and office printers and are usually compatible with both Letter and A4 paper sizes. To find out which paper sizes to use, click the Info button next to the book you wish to download.

To view and print PDF books an Adobe Reader software must be installed on your computer. In case you don't already have Adobe Reader installed you can download a free copy here. Here are some tips how to save paper and ink:

  • Print on both sides of the pages to cut down paper use by half. Use double-sided (duplex) printing on supported printers or print even and odd pages separately as described here.
  • Use your printer's black & white printing option whenever puzzles themselves don't require color. This will save color ink on cover pages and any other pages where colors are used for graphical enhancement only.
  • If high quality printing is necessary you can still print the cover page in draft mode or even exclude the cover page entirely.
  • For more printing tips and trouble-shooting see Adobe Printing Tips.


Puzzle solving support

Stuck with a puzzle? The first step is to make sure you know the rules, which can be found by clicking the Rules link in the top-left corner of the puzzle type page. You can also watch the tutorial movie to see how a puzzle is solved from beginning to end. If this doesn't help, go to the Puzzle support forum where you can see detailed solving techniques, step-by-step solution analyses, explanations about special logic situations and much more. Being part of an active forum, you can also learn techniques from other members and ask for help about the specific puzzle you are stuck with. You can also post questions and comments to our Facebook page or via Twitter tagging your posts with @Conceptis.



Conceptis forums are open for reading to all visitors so you are welcome to see what's going on even without registering. Yet, registering to have a Play online membership enables you to participate in forum conversations, vote or start new polls of your own, share calendars and events, create an address book with your friends and communicate with them via private messages, share pictures in galleries and many more fun and exciting activities.


Getting updates

There are 2 ways to get updates from so you always stay on top of things and never miss new puzzle releases, company events, news or any other important information.

If you have a Facebook account, you can become a fan of our Facebook page. Just click the “Become a Fan” link at the top of the page to join the conversation and see what thousands of other Conceptis fans say in this popular social network.

If you use Twitter, you can follow @Conceptis and get up-to-the-second updates in no more than 140 characters.


Technical requirements

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Terms of use

We believe in a simple, honest and straight-forward approach so we won't drop one of those complicated legal documents. To become a member, play new puzzles every week, win T-shirts, use the forums or participate in other community events, you just need to read and agree to the simple terms of use stated below. We believe they should be enough for what we do here. See more about Terms of use here.