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GizmoAgent70 -> Lost all credits and saved puzzles (1/16/2020 6:32:32 AM)


I had trouble logging in this morning.
When I went to your web site it usually remembers my credentials but this morning asked me to login.
I'd forgotten my password so hit resend password, using my email.
I got the email clicked the link and set a new password.
Went back to the login page and logged in.

Now I have no credits and all previous bought games are gone.
I bought 3000 credits back on the 20th Nov 2017 and still had about ~1200 left last week.
Did something happen to your site recently.

I was only using it last week and everything was ok then.
Hope this can be resolved.

Admin -> RE: Lost all credits and saved puzzles (1/16/2020 10:31:16 AM)

Hi Steven

What you describe usually happens to users who have more than one account, and when they log into the second account they suddenly find it is empty. In case you don't remember your "main" username, please send us an email to support@conceptispuzzles.com and we will try to trace your account.

Thanks, Dave

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