Sym-a-Pix советы


  • Start by drawing walls between adjacent squares containing dots.
  • Continue by drawing walls rotationally symmetric to the ones drawn before.
  • The outer frame of the puzzle is also considered a wall.
  • Paint each completed block according to the color of the dot it contains.
  • Every new wall you draw might help in a next step.
  • Determine which squares belong to which dots. If a square belongs to more than one dot look for another area to proceed.
  • Never guess! Draw each wall only after you are sure it is unique.

Note: There is only one unique solution for each puzzle.

When solving on paper

  • Use a soft erasable pencil and a high quality eraser.
  • Draw walls on the dotted gridlines and paint the blocks when completed.
  • Experienced solvers can paint with markers for outstanding results.

When playing on a computer

  • Use Preferences options in toolbar for a better personal playing experience.
  • Use the X marks liberally to show which squares belong to which dots. You can easily remove all of them anytime with the toolbar button.