Hitori правила

Following the footsteps of Sudoku and Kakuro, Hitori are yet another type of easy to learn addictive logic puzzle which was invented in Japan. Using pure logic and requiring no math to solve, these fascinating puzzles offer endless fun and intellectual entertainment to puzzle fans of all skills and ages.

Hitori is a number-elimination puzzle. Unlike Sudoku and Kakuro, Hitori puzzles start with all the numbers in the grid and your task is to eliminate some of them according to the rules.

Hitori puzzles come in many sizes and range from very easy to extremely difficult taking anything from five minutes to several hours to solve. However, make one mistake and you’ll find yourself stuck later on as you get closer to the solution...

If you like Sudoku, Kakuro and other logic puzzles, you will love Conceptis Hitori as well!

Classic Hitori

Each puzzle consists of a square grid with numbers appearing in all squares. The object is to shade squares so:

  • No number appears in a row or column more than once.
  • Shaded (black) squares do not touch each other vertically or horizontally.
  • When completed, all un-shaded (white) squares create a single continuous area.
Classic Hitori puzzle Classic Hitori solution