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В связи с окончанием поддержки Flash Player всеми браузерами к концу 2020 года, мы переводим наши игры на технологию HTML5. Переход будет завершен осенью 2019 года. Пока же, если вы сталкиваетесь с проблемами активации Flash Player, читайте здесь

Dot-a-Pix советы


  • Make sure all dots are connected in the correct sequence of numbers.
  • In Multiline puzzles, always skip to the next dot when reaching a star.

Note: There is only one unique solution for each puzzle.

When solving on paper

  • Use a soft erasable pencil and a high quality eraser.
  • A felt pen may be used instead of a pencil for better picture quality.
  • A ruler is recommended, especially when puzzles have very long lines.

When playing on a computer

  • Use Preferences options in toolbar for a better personal playing experience.
  • Any line can be deleted by double clicking it with the mouse.
  • Two lines connected to the same dot can be deleted by double clicking mouse on the dot.