Kissing the Postman

Tuesday, January 7, 2003 Sandra Dannenberg's puzzle solution

Now that I found Conceptis in the net, it is just perfect: having an exciting puzzle every week beside the monthly magazine. Conceptis can really make you happy: On a sunny Monday in September I checked out the brand-new puzzle of the week (that was already joy enough!!!) and recognized my name as the T-shirt winner. Now I can show the world that I am a puzzler! I would never wear anything else … ;-)

Yet, I had to wait a few more weeks to get the object of mA puzzle of Sandra Dannenbergy desire. Dave was running around somewhere in Norway and Japan, and I was irritating my postman with questions like "Do you have a shirt for me?" etc. Sometimes he really looked angry… ;-) But then one day, I'm certain he hoped I wouldn't hear it, the postman carefully rang the bell.

I ran to the door. My shirt arrived. I was so happy, that I just kissed the poor man and closed the door with a bang. A few hours later, when I walked out of the house, there was the car with the postman. He was sitting in his car, starring out of the window with a - how can I describe it - a puzzled expression on his face. What happened to him? Was it my kiss?? I don't know. I never saw him again ;-)

It happened some years ago when I found my first puzzle in a magazine and was infected with "conceptionism" and "puzzling desire". Since that time I have solve every puzzle I could get and discovered something else: some of the motives are perfect to cross-stitch them! I already decorated a handkerchief for my brother with Fred Flintstone, because he used to love that comic when he was a little boy (the problem that he is 37 now and I hardly survived his birthday…) Yet I still find motives, but now for his little daughter (who is still too young to fight against my presents)! ;-)

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