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Monday, January 2, 2006 Debra's puzzle

Conceptis puzzles became a part of my life as soon as I got married, three years ago. To say that I’m a huge conceptis fan wouldn’t be quite true but I am a huge fan of a huge fan of conceptis puzzles, my husband! I can’t say how he came to know about these puzzles because it was before I knew him, and asking him how would give away the surprise of his birthday present.

As birthday gift, I would love to present to my husband a Conceptis puzzle of his portrait, made from his wedding picture. Therefore, if I ask him how he got to know about this stuff, it might give it away, so we’ll all just have to keep wondering about how he got to know about Conceptis puzzles.

First Impressions

At first I couldn’t understand what is so exciting about filling in boxes. And what’s the big thrill in finding a breakthrough. How can they hold the attention of an intellectual person for an unlimited amount of time? (I mean it’s just a puzzle!) What makes it so addictive? I also resented the fact that there was something that might be more interesting in the world than me! That part was hard to swallow. So to say the least, conceptis puzzles and I were not good friends. And then...

Discovering the Joys

One day I asked my husband to teach me how to do a Paint by Numbers (Pic-a-Pix) puzzle. We started out with a little tiny one and much to my own surprise; I was so engrossed in it that I couldn’t hear anything until it was done. That’s when I began to understand the incredible thrill these puzzles can give you, and also understood the addiction aspect of it.

I think it’s the exhilaration that a breakthrough can give you that explains the addiction part. Besides the thrill, I found that these puzzles were helpful to us in other ways. It helped us both practice the idea of “never giving up”. When it looks like there are no more clues to find, keep on looking and you will find one. Another thing about conceptis puzzles is that they make you feel so smart. And feeling smart is something we all love to feel!

Relaxation Therapy

The real reason why I’m so grateful to those that supply my husband with conceptis puzzles is because they provide a great method of relaxation. These puzzles are so engrossing and take up your entire brain, and so there is simply not enough room for both worries and brainwork. The weekly conceptis puzzle downloads have been a big lifesaver during hard times.

We all know how tough it is to be living life among terrorism. I myself was trapped in the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel on September 11 and was traumatized for a very long time. I found these puzzles to be therapeutic. They help you let go of whatever is stressing you out and relax your body. Once you are relaxed, you can handle what was bothering you in a healthier fashion.

And now, conceptis puzzles and I are great friends. I appreciate them for their own value as well as for what they are able to do for us. I am extremely grateful to those that keep the conceptis site up and running.

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