Sunday, March 6, 2005 8th wedding anniversary puzzle

Conceptis puzzles are part of my life. That's quite a statement considering I've never done one. I'll explain. I buy “regular” puzzle magazines and usually work through them during down time. I'm a graduate student, and during one particularly tough period last year, my down time was non-existent.

Thus, after working through the logic puzzles, I neglected my magazine on our nightstand. This particular issue had two or three of Conceptis' logic puzzles in it. I had never seen such puzzles before and glossed over while I did the more familiar ones. One fateful night, my husband picked it up and stumbled across them.

We have just celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary so I should have recognized the signs. With an odd glint in his eyes, he showed me the completed puzzles the next day and then began digging through old magazines hunting for more. When he found none, he scoured the web and found your site. Had I been paying attention, his addiction wouldn't have come as such a shock.

I knew better

Mari's puzzle

Mari's puzzle

It started with a download or two; before I knew it he was staying up all night, household projects were going unfinished, and he began hiding evidence of his addiction in a yellow legal pad with puzzles stashed between the pages. Sometimes he didn’t even try to hide it. The last straw was when I had to compete with a puzzle for his attention at our anniversary dinner at the nicest restaurant in town. Even then, I knew better than to say "the puzzles or me!"

Although interventions work for some, it's not always wise to give an ultimatum to an addict, unless one is willing to follow through. I have drawn some limits, but have accepted that unless he's willing to admit he has a problem he's now a package deal. The puzzles are now as much a part of my life as he is, especially since he has tutored two of our children on how to solve them and now they're entering the Conceptis world as well.

Busy trying to find a "Conceptanon"

Mari's family

Mari's family

I have to admit that they look intriguing and I'd love to try one. However, right now I'm busy trying to find a "Conceptanon" or similar support group for family members and believe that one of us has to stay strong and resist the call. Still, I hear them beckoning, calling to me sometimes late at night and am worried I may someday give in.

Despite how it may turn out for me personally, the reality is that I'm already sharing my family's important moments with you - you were with us as we decorated our Christmas tree last week! Watch your mailbox I'll be sure to send Conceptis invitations to our family's major life events. After all, you'll be there anyway in one form or another.

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