Sharing practices

Monday, December 1, 2003 Sonia & Raz

My boyfriend’s name is Raz. I first met him almost a year ago during a lesson of contact combat, which is a kind of a very popular martial art in Israel. Both of us are 15 years old.

Raz practices contact combat for about 4 years and has a blue belt, while I practice it about a year and have a yellow one. I guess you can say solving picture-forming logic puzzles is the second practice both of us share.

We first heard of Conceptis puzzles from Raz’s big sister who is 21. I think it was about 8 months ago. Thus, we bought our first puzzles' booklet (“Shchor Uptor” from Nikui Rosh publishing) together and since then, we enjoy them very much. In fact, even my parents started solving these puzzles!

I like both PAP and LAP puzzles but I prefer them only in B&W because they are harder to solve and more comfortable for solving on paper. I think I solved about one hundred puzzles until today.

We live in Rehovot, a small town (of about 90,000 residents) in the center of Israel and see each other almost every day although we are not studying in the same school...

School is great, despite the fact that we are very worried about what will happen during our 10th grade, which is supposed to be very hard.

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