Invented puzzle software and then used it for international business

Wednesday, January 21, 2004 Invented puzzle software

In Japan, crossword puzzles have always been created by puzzle professionals one by one. Conceptis Ltd. (president: Dave Green) started creating and selling picture-forming logic puzzles using software. Now the company is doing business worldwide.

When Dave Green was working with Japanese corporations as a high-tech engineer, he became interested in solving picture-forming logic puzzles. This happened after he found a Japanese magazine containing these types of puzzles.

Green thought that these kind of language independent puzzles should be interesting also for overseas puzzle fans. After going back to Israel, Green and his colleagues started creating dedicated software and contacting overseas puzzle publishers. Since then, Conceptis has been successfully gaining more and more puzzle fans and is now distributing its puzzle contents to more than 30 publishers in 20 countries. Recently, the company is expanding its market by starting I-mode distribution to mobile phone users and is planning to launch an Internet business in the near future.

Reprinted with permission

Originally published in softjinmyaku.co.jp