Logically challenged

Sunday, March 6, 2005 Logically challenged

Back in 2003 I had to take some time off work and during that time I discovered Logic Puzzles - my favorites being Japanese Puzzles, sometimes called "Tsunamis"*. I have found, since doing these puzzles that my thinking abilities/capabilities have improved markedly - I believe I am a clearer, sharper thinker since discovering these puzzles. But don’t take my word for it, have a go yourself.

Until mid 2004 you couldn’t purchase these puzzles in Australia except in some compilation puzzle books. Now there is a dedicated Japanese Puzzles magazine ‘Tsunami’ published here in Oz, every 3 months - you can get it easily in any news agency.

The publishers have very kindly given these puzzles below to ‘Town & Depot’ for you to try them out. I find the small sized "easy" ones like these below, do not always have the most satisfying picture but once you have mastered the idea and tried the larger, more complex Japanese Puzzles, you will be well on your way to a serious addiction!

The web site: www.conceptispuzzles.com is dedicated to these puzzles, and others, which you can do on-line or download and complete at your own leisure and pleasure. There is a weekly competition too, which I "won" once and received an excellent t-shirt - you’ll find a photo of me "modeling’ it on that web site.

In addition to the Australian magazine I subscribe to a number of monthly Japanese Puzzle magazines from other countries including the UK and the Netherlands. Have a go below - solutions on P.12.

Reprinted with permission

Reprinted with permission from "Town & Depot", a staff newsletter of Townsville City Council, Queensland , Australia , February 2005 Issue

Editorial comment

* Following the recent tsunami disaster, Puzzler Media Australia Pty Ltd. decided to change the name of Tsunami magazine to Pixel Puzzles.

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Adrienne Isnard works as a City Safe Officer at the Townsville City Council, Queensland, Australia

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