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Tuesday, June 1, 2004 Google serach results

“The community-building power comes from the living database that the participants create and use together informally as they help each other solve problems, one to one and many to many. The web of human relationships that can grow along with the database is where the potential for cultural and political change can be found” (Howard Rheingold)*

There are many ways to expand worldwide awareness of a new type of game such as Conceptis logic puzzles, some of which incorporate internet technologies. Internet search engines and directories such as Google and Yahoo are amongst the most efficient methods of achieving public awareness nowadays. That is, of course, if you are in a small niche business and don’t have millions of dollars in your advertising and marketing budget.

Due to certain aspects of human nature which are beyond the scope of this article, only the results in the first two search pages are really significant. In other words, it’s not enough to just “be there” but it’s critical to be ranked high enough to become visible. Not a very simple goal to achieve.

Google ranking

Following the development of the Google ranking method , referring links are the most important building block of high search engine ranking nowadays. Thus, if a certain website has many quality links pointing to its homepage it will usually get a higher ranking on Google’s search engines.

According to Michael Marshall*, CEO and founder of Internet Marketing Analysts, LLC, link reputation involves the relationship which backlinks (links pointing back to you) have to a target web page and to the context of those backlinks. Also according to Marshall, the relationship and context of referring links should be measured with respect to a desired search query or theme (for example Logic Puzzles) and has the consequence of revealing how highly a backlink speaks about a certain web page with regard to that theme. If link popularity is how many pages talk about you, link reputation is how well backlinks talk about you - quality vs. quantity.

Conceptis logic puzzles

Conceptis chose to focus on the “Logic Puzzles” concept as a leading theme for search engines. Therefore ideal links to Conceptis’ website would be Conceptis Logic Puzzles , Conceptis Logic Puzzles – The Art of Logic , Conceptis – Picture-forming Logic Puzzles or similar, and would always point at www.conceptispuzzles.com.

Links consisting of more relevant keywords are also very good. For example you can link your personal website to Conceptis Logic Puzzles – Paint by Numbers or Conceptis Logic Puzzles – Tsunami Puzzles . This would help push Conceptis’ ranking upwards for these keywords.

Conceptis is already ranked high in some of the world’s leading search engines for the term Logic Puzzles. We are placed within the first two pages of both Google (page 2, number 18 at the time this article was written) and Yahoo (page 2, number 18) but this ranking is constantly changing and there is still a lot of room for improvement. Since the top results always gain the largest number of new visitors, we simply want to be first!

With your help, the quality and quantity of the referring links will improve Conceptis’ search result ranking. This will bring more new visitors to www.conceptispuzzles.com which in turn will make more and more people all over the world enjoy the fun of picture-forming logic puzzles.

Following are a few examples of personal websites which are already linking to www.conceptispuzzles.com: Mary Pat Campbell’s MathUniverse which includes a special links section for Conceptis links (thank you Mary!), Aletta’s Homepage , Tomas Klos and Lisa’s blog .

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