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pidgeon92 -> Fill-a-pix question... (2/14/2020 11:23:28 PM)

I am currently obsessed with Fill-a-Pix. I am looking for confirmation that the advanced puzzles can all be solved with logic, and you never need to make a guess. I get frustrated with games that require some trial and error and backtracking, or thinking several moves ahead.


Admin -> RE: Fill-a-pix question... (2/15/2020 9:14:50 AM)

We created the Fill-a-Pix puzzles 20 years ago. Since then thousands of puzzles have been solved by millions of users and there's never been a case where you can't solve a puzzle using logic alone. In case you get stuck on a puzzle, you can post a screenshot on this forum and one of our fans will explain how to make the next step

Cheers, Dave

dotte0723 -> RE: Fill-a-pix question... (2/24/2020 8:39:47 PM)

I'm new to fill a pix. I feel like I'm guessing. Do I try something and keep going until its wrong? I do expert level on suduko, hashi, hitori, tic tac, etc. I need help. I've read and reread all tips, techniques, interactive examples.

CharleneTX -> RE: Fill-a-pix question... (2/24/2020 10:31:06 PM)

The best way to get help with a puzzle is to post a screenshot when you're stuck. Then forum members can explain how to find the next move.

pidgeon92 -> RE: Fill-a-pix question... (2/24/2020 10:50:38 PM)

I just went through this for another half hour without making any progress. It's the weekly bonus advanced puzzle from two weeks ago.

I hope I'm not missing something obvious, the numbers do start swimming around after a few minutes.


Admin -> RE: Fill-a-pix question... (2/25/2020 2:40:08 PM)

The next step is with the 5 and 3 which are located above each other in the middle of the 9th and 8th rows from the bottom.

Cheers, Dve

pidgeon92 -> RE: Fill-a-pix question... (2/25/2020 5:33:53 PM)

Of course it is. It's obvious now that you have pointed it out. Thanks!

Mspkrfan -> RE: Fill-a-pix question... (2/26/2020 2:54:27 PM)

Can someone explain why is your move? I don’t see it

pidgeon92 -> RE: Fill-a-pix question... (2/26/2020 6:31:12 PM)

couldn't fix my error in this post, and can't figure out how to delete it. Please move on to next post.

pidgeon92 -> RE: Fill-a-pix question... (2/26/2020 6:35:21 PM)

I'll try to explain... I suspect there might be an easier method, but the way I look at these puzzles is that I examine each number on the grid as the center of nine blocks (except on the edges, where corner number only have four potential filled blocks, and edge number have only six). Any of those nine blocks can potentially be filled (black vs. null) with the indicated number.

In this case, I looked at the 5 that Dve said is the next move. (I have bordered the 5 and its nine surrounding blocks in blue.) So, any combination of 5 of those nine blocks could theoretically be filled in.

However, the number 3 (bordered in red) below the 5 already has one block filled in, on the lower right corner. Thus, in the six blocks that the number 5 and number 3 share, only two of those can be filled in, one must be null. This is because there can only be three filled blocks in the nine squares surrounding the number 3.

So, the three blocks above the 5 must be filled (blacked) in. Those three, plus the two in the boxes that the 3 and 5 must share, equal five.


pidgeon92 -> RE: Fill-a-pix question... (2/26/2020 9:29:32 PM)

I finally finished it! My first advanced puzzle completion. 5:49 over about a week of struggling through it. Many thanks to Dve for the assistance, or I likely would have abandoned it. It was a challenge all the way until the last box was filled.

Mspkrfan -> RE: Fill-a-pix question... (2/27/2020 2:32:03 AM)

Got it thank you!

pidgeon92 -> RE: Fill-a-pix question... (5/5/2020 12:17:37 AM)

I'm back! And I can't figure out which step is next, I've been staring at this one for several days now. Please help!


Admin -> RE: Fill-a-pix question... (5/6/2020 9:23:24 AM)

You must fill the 5 squares around the "7" as shown in the attachment. If you don't, then there will be more than three squares next to the "3". After that, you can place the X's as shown.

Thanks, Dave


Ahlyis -> RE: Fill-a-pix question... (5/27/2020 6:53:46 PM)

Not that it matters now, but in the first puzzle I saw a different move than the one Dave pointed out. Dave's is more useful towards finishing the puzzle, but anyway...

Look 3 to the right and 1 up from the 5-3 that Dave pointed out. The 5-6 there has a similar restriction. The 5 and 6 each need 1 more blank, but every possible square for the 5 is also covered by the 6. The 2 extra squares for the 6 must be filled.

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