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Slitherlink Interactive puzzle game now available from Conceptis

Thursday, January 8, 2009 Slitherlink Interactive

A Slitherlink interactive Flash game application is now available on conceptispuzzles.com. Slitherlink, a popular number-logic puzzle family first released in December 2006 in print format, can now be played online, saved on Conceptis servers and continued from any other computer anywhere.

Slitherlink Interactive is the eighth puzzle family to be developed as an online game. The new application joins the 7 other popular interactive puzzle games including; Pic-a-Pix; Link-a-Pix; Fill-a-Pix; Sudoku; Kakuro; Battleships and Hashi.

Useful puzzle solving features

Slitherlink Interactive supports all common Conceptis gaming features such as save, print (including resize and multi-page), zoom in/out, undo/redo and check solution.

Slitherlink Interactive preferences

In addition, Conceptis' Slitherlink provides useful optional preferences such as showing errors, auto completing link-paths around a clue and auto excluding link-paths around a clue allowing users to customize game play and enjoy the games even more.

Can't wait to test your interactive Slitherlink skills? There's a sample to start with right on this page and 10 more in the Puzzles section. Or you can go directly to My Conceptis where all weekly Slitherlink puzzles are playable online from now on. For more information see the Help page and other related resources below.

About Slitherlink

Slitherlink rules are simple and straight-forward. Each puzzle consists of a rectangular lattice of dots with some clues in various places. The object is to connect the dots surrounding each clue so that the number of lines equals the value of the clue and the lines around all clues form one continuous loop with no crossings or branches. Empty squares may be surrounded by any number of lines.

Following the footsteps of Sudoku, Kakuro and other Number Logic puzzles, Slitherlink (Japanese: スリザーリンク) is a family of addictive loop-forming logic puzzles originated in Japan. Other internationally known names for Slitherlink include Takegaki, Loopy, Ouroboros, Suriza, Surizarinku, Sli-Lin and Fences, as well as Loop the Loop, Dotty Dilemma and Number Line.

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