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The World's Longest Picture Maze Released by Sterling Publishing

Friday, March 7, 2008
The 25-Foot-Long Picture Maze

The 25-Foot-Long Picture Maze

The world's longest picture maze designed by Conceptis and printed on 100 pages which fold out into a single 25-foot long sheet was released by Sterling Publishing. The 25-Foot-Long Picture Maze (ISBN-13: 978-1402746451) is priced at $9.95 and available in stores throughout the USA and Canada as well as the rest of the English-speaking world.

Packed with over 65 detailed town scenes, The 25-Foot-Long Picture Maze is a singular masterpiece by its gigantic size, diversity of pictures, and the overwhelming experience to solve. There is no way of knowing what the solution scenes will look like and it’s not possible to start solving in the middle of the maze. The only way to reveal the hidden picture is by starting at the maze entrance and working your way to the end.

Town scenes with daily life events

The 25-Foot-Long Picture Maze (rear)

The 25-Foot-Long Picture Maze (rear)

According to Zohar Thawcho, Senior Puzzle Creator at Conceptis and the person responsible for this formidable monolithic puzzle, The 25-Foot-Long Picture Maze shows "typical town scenes with daily life events" such as a painter on the pier, bride at a wedding, school bus with children and alley cats fighting. Also according to Thawcho, some of the scene details are humoristic while others are classic.

The book is also available online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon, where it was already reviewed by an avid maze fan named Troy L. Lee. Lee, who rated the book with 5 stars, describes it as "Very clever design […] The dead-ends don't go on for miles before you find the ends. But it's not trivial either. It has fairly narrow passages allowing for a respectable amount of detail and complexity in the maze […] in closing if you like mazes, I can't think of any maze that's ever been released that's a big as this one, and the production is top notch. Highly recommended."

According to Peter Gordon, Executive Editor at Sterling Publishing, Sterling came up with the idea after publishing The World's Longest Crossword Puzzle. "We decided to try an even-longer crossword, at 25 feet, and we wanted a 25-foot maze book to go with it. Conceptis was our first choice, since they make the best picture mazes."

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