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GrahamCracker -> Fil-A-Pix screen movement (10/22/2020 4:38:55 PM)

I have just started using a new computer, it's an ACER with NVIDIA graphics card. When I am working on a fil-a-pix puzzle that is larger than the screen, the screen is shifting whenever I use the arrow keys. It will shift just slightly when I change the direction I am moving the smart fill box. Unfortunately, this is giving me a headache and I would like to know how to disable this. I am using Windows 10.

Admin -> RE: Fil-A-Pix screen movement (10/22/2020 9:08:56 PM)

The problem you mention happens on Firefox browsers, but does not happen with Chrome. Please try Chrome and see if this works for you.

Thanks, Dave

GrahamCracker -> RE: Fil-A-Pix screen movement (10/23/2020 4:43:04 PM)


Thank you for your reply, however, I am using Chrome. Any other ideas.

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