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gilg -> Conceptis Copyright Policy Guidelines (9/4/2007 12:03:57 AM)

Dear friends,

Please note a new chapter referring Conceptis Copyright Policy Guidelines added to the forum rules:

Thank you very much for your attention and understanding. You have always been the greatest puzzle community on earth and I am sure these new rules would just help most of us feel better with our puzzling experiences and activities, knowing what we can, should and shouldn't do.

Thanks again


lekahe -> RE: Conceptis Copyright Policy Guidelines (9/4/2007 10:23:46 AM)

This seems to be a day I am correcting/interfering everybody's posts [sm=icon_smile_tongue.gif], so sorry Gil.
Since I have a very long experience of students of all ages, I can imagine what happens in many cases: Members open your link and notice that the page is full of text (which of course SHOULD be familiar to everybody). Because there is so much new or forgotten, many readers decide to check it later. If this thread does not provoke discussion, it will be buried and the checking may be forgotten.

I advance the members to read all the rules once again, but the new part should be read NOW and that is why I copy/pasted it here:
Conceptis Copyright Policy Guidelines

Conceptis Puzzles, together with the logic puzzles market, have grown tremendously in the last few years. With so many puzzles published each month in magazines, newspapers and on the internet, it is only natural some fans would want to create their own archives, sometimes containing thousands of puzzles. This can be tolerated when done in private, but recently some archives became available to the public through Conceptis forums thus violating copyrights of Conceptis publishers and of other publishers and puzzle creators around the world. To prevent this from continuing in the future, Conceptis has defined the following Puzzle Sharing Policy:

* Links to puzzle archives are permitted only if all puzzles were provided free from Conceptis website or the member posting the link owns their copyrights.
* Links to other websites containing puzzle archives are permitted only if the websites have copyrights to the puzzles or if all puzzles were provided free from Conceptis.
* To help make logic puzzles more popular worldwide it is permitted to link a single puzzle as long as the copyright information is provided and the reasons for introducing the puzzle (why it is interesting or how it is solved) are explained.
* Conceptis does not review, warrant or take responsibility for the copyrights of puzzles and other content accessible via its forum links. Any member posting links to puzzles and other content will be solely responsible for their copyrights.

I also hope that the members memorize this and kindly advice people who are violating these rules. That way the forums will remain great. The interfering of the moderators does leave a bad taste to everybody.

I have been part of creating this policy, but I would like to thank Polly and Sharonella for their great suggestions. My part in this was actually only advicing to keep the sentences so simple that we who don't have English as our first language could understand them [;)]


gilg -> RE: Conceptis Copyright Policy Guidelines (9/4/2007 12:22:30 PM)


This seems to be a day I am correcting/interfering everybody's posts [sm=icon_smile_tongue.gif], so sorry Gil. Leena

Thank you for posting this follow-up Leena and, of course, special thanks to you, Polly and Sharonella for being so helpful with this project. You are correct about having more people reading it this way...


izakkay -> RE: Conceptis Copyright Policy Guidelines (9/4/2007 6:46:04 PM)

It would be helpful if there would be a posting to this forum indicating the sequence numbers for all free puzzles, including the named ones, so that those of us that have accumulated large puzzle archives can split them between public and private folders accordingly.

I know that some of them have been posted for various puzzle types in the past but it would be beneficial if they could all be listed in one place for all the puzzle types.

lekahe -> RE: Conceptis Copyright Policy Guidelines (9/5/2007 10:55:38 AM)


It would be helpful if there would be a posting to this forum indicating the sequence numbers for all free puzzles, including the named ones,

That would be hard if not even impossible. I know some members have lists of the release date of puzzles but I don't keep a list.
I can however give some hints:
1) website PAPs start with 020... 0r 030..., LAPs with 220... and 230..., FAPs 320... and 330... MAPs 420..., 430... and 450... DAPs 540..., 550... and 560... and all the number logic puzzles have z among the numbers, e.g. 70z1214 would be a regular website Kakuro
2) review puzzles are mainly from the magazines and have different kinds of numbers. There are however some indicators to show which puzzles are published by Conceptis and are not scanned. Also the PicPuz-files from Conceptis can be detected. These go also for the puzzles which have no number, just the name.

Conceptis has published the paper versions in pdf. The puzzle always has Conceptis Puzzles copyright below the puzzle in the middle and the number/name in the bottom right corner. Puzzles printed from PicPuz don't have those. Compared to puzzles printed from scans Conceptis generated pdf-files are small. The biggest I could think of is the Laughing Chavallier and it is only 57 kb. Scan-prints are always much bigger, I think less than 100 kb is impossible. The size of the file is of course related to the size of the puzzle.

Original Conceptis PicPuz-files have the extension .pmf, .lmf or .fmf.
The converted versions of the previously mentioned Conceptis-pdf's are of course allowed. They have extensions .non, .pap, .jmp, .lp, or .fp.
The problem is that the excistence of the pdf-file is the main indicator.
I have seen very few PicPuz files from Conceptis which have not been published in pdf (at least I don't have them). The original Conceptis metafile can be separated from other .pmf files (somebody may have changed the extension) by the contents of the file. When you open a Conceptis metafile in Notepad it starts like this:
"0201104;Dancing;10.01.04 23:57:48;1;1.0;4.33
467 309 599 626 336 286 440 366 67
2 132 206 304 56 193 432 245 475 54 120 116 42 52 501 191 300 185 18 ..."
Converted .non files are much simpler and .pap and .jmp don't show any recognizable text.

One place to find files that are allowed is my folder and Tina's
I think these together cover almost everything.
I have checked that my archive does not contain anything else but puzzles published by Conceptis in some form on the website.

I hope this helped.


sharonella -> RE: Conceptis Copyright Policy Guidelines (9/5/2007 11:52:19 PM)

Leena - Thanks for posting the new copyright info here. I hope everyone who comes across this thread reads it & will take it to heart. And I hope it does provoke some discussion, as you said, so that it will stay at the top of the forums for a while & eventually have a chance to be read by all. Unfortunately, you are right about people not clicking into Gil's link & saving it for "later" - I would be one of those people! [sm=icon_smile_blush.gif] oops!

I would also like to add that, while we all have LOTS & LOTS of fun here, we can't forget that Conceptis isn't just a group of VERY smart folks with nothing better to do with their time than create & post cool puzzles for us to use as we please. They are a business & I have always thought it was EXTREMELY generous of the Conceptis folks to give us free puzzles every week & let us download & print as we please.

In my opinion, this revised policy is long overdue, and while it may make some people unhappy that they can't share Conceptis puzzles (or, more accurately, puzzles other than their own) as freely as before, we all need to remember that everyone has the right to their ownership & how their puzzles are shared with the world.

One last thing that no one has mentioned here - As in any forum you come across on the internet, the forum's moderator has the right, and the abilty, to remove any post that doesn't follow forum guidelines. [:o] We have always been a VERY friendly forum here, and I don't remember anyone ever having a post removed, so I'm sure it will stay that way!![:D]

Now - back to our regularly scheduled solving....


GreatGram -> RE: Conceptis Copyright Policy Guidelines (9/7/2007 8:41:12 AM)

Thanks to Leena for posting the revised copyright guidelines. I hope that all will follow them whenever posting links to other sites.

Many thanks to Conceptis for its generous policy and its free weekly puzzles.


sharonella -> RE: Conceptis Copyright Policy Guidelines (9/13/2007 10:00:33 PM)

Hmmm - only 186 people have read this - well let me correct that - there have been 186 views (as of this posting) - and I know I've jumped in here several times to see what others have said.

Just thought I'd comment - and "bump" this back up to the top, so maybe someone new might read!


tracey_raye -> RE: Conceptis Copyright Policy Guidelines (9/14/2007 4:17:26 AM)

In my very blunt and (very early in the morning) without enough coffee opinion.. I totally understand how addictive the puzzles are and wanting more... but... I think we should be thankful for what we get. After all it's free and some puzzle magazines can be costly. Surely abiding by some easy to follow rules can't be so hard especially when we're given new quality puzzles every week.

niffah -> RE: Conceptis Copyright Policy Guidelines (9/15/2007 7:27:35 AM)

I think the new guidelines are very sensible. Copyright is an important part of any artistic endeavour, and it is only right that we acknowledge the fabulous ability of the puzzle designers by respecting their copyright.[:D]

sharonella -> RE: Conceptis Copyright Policy Guidelines (9/18/2007 2:22:31 AM)

Can someone help Christine? She posted this in the Puzzles & Kids forum


gilg -> RE: Conceptis Copyright Policy Guidelines (9/18/2007 3:05:10 PM)


Can someone help Christine? She posted this in the Puzzles & Kids forum
Thanks! sharonella


Just wondered if someone could put me right! A couple of months or so back I downloaded from this site a pdf file of kids logic puzzles which have sat on my computer ever since. I just wondered is it ok to photocopy these to use with children in school or would that be a breach of copyright? Thanks.

Thank you very much for asking Christine. Using our puzzles with children in school has always been a "yes" on our side. yet, I rather make sue about this with Dave and Nitsan who are responsible for this pdf and the new kids logic line in general. Lets see what Dave says. I also think this pdf you mention was made just for this kind of purpose.


dave -> RE: Conceptis Copyright Policy Guidelines (9/18/2007 5:14:20 PM)

Hi Christine (and thank you sharonella)

You are doing the right thing to ask, and here is our answer. Conceptis is very keen to help bring the love of puzzles to kids, children and younger students and we are therefore happy to provide puzzles for school use at no charge. You are welcome to copy and distribute the Kids Logic (or any other Conceptis puzzles) in your school as long as our name or website are mentioned. If you're using the Kids Logic PDF then you can just copy and distribute.

Please note our copyright policy goes even further, where we are always open to help special communities with free puzzles. Some examples I can think of are hospitals, hospices for the terminally ill, church newsletters and so on, which we approve on a case-by-case basis.

Thanks, Dave Green

ChristineB -> RE: Conceptis Copyright Policy Guidelines (9/19/2007 12:57:28 AM)

Thanks for that Dave. I can now use the puzzles with a clear conscience! I will certainly make sure Conceptis is mentioned!

rajeshk -> RE: Conceptis Copyright Policy Guidelines (3/26/2018 2:31:02 PM)

I have posted conceptis puzzles on my website at

Please do check and confirm that these are not violating any copyright polices?

Nakizuki -> RE: Conceptis Copyright Policy Guidelines (5/7/2020 2:07:56 PM)

Is it still possible to find old free puzzles? Since the links kindly provided (esnips) are not working anymore, can they be found somewhere else? Thank you in advance for your help!

happyfrog -> RE: Conceptis Copyright Policy Guidelines (1/14/2021 8:08:29 PM)

I have read the guidelines, but am still unsure if I can mention my blog about puzzles here?
Here it is:
Please delete it if it's not allowed.

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