Flash player support

Due to deprecation of Flash at the end of 2020 we are converting all our games to HTML5 which is supported by all popular browsers. We are planning to complete this process before the end of 2019. In the meantime, in case you have problems enabling Flash on your browser please see these instructions

Nurikabe tips


  • Start with easy steps such as clues of 1, clues which are diagonally adjacent and clues which are separated by one square.
  • Mark with small dots squares you know are part of an island. This will help narrow down possibilities later on.
  • Look for places where a wall can only be continued in one direction.
  • Check if 2x2 wall sections might be formed. Sometimes this is trickier than it seems.
  • Always double check before shading or marking a square with a dot.
  • Never guess! Only make moves based on logical deductions.

Note: There is only one unique solution for each puzzle.

When solving on paper

  • Use a soft erasable pencil and a high quality eraser.

When playing on a computer

  • Use Preferences options in toolbar for a better personal playing experience.
  • Use the Mark square feature when trying to determine what the content of one or more squares should be.
  • Highlight wall segments to check whether isolation is about to occur. To highlight a wall segment, point mouse on any square belonging to the wall.