Link-a-Pix tips


  • Start with the short paths of 1, 2 and 3, and then move up to longer ones.
  • Don’t forget the squares at each end when counting path lengths.
  • Paint partial paths whenever possible. This will usually help with neighboring paths as well.
  • Every new path you paint might help in a next step.
  • Determine which clues pair with which. Using odd/even parity can help with this process.
  • Never guess! Paint each path only after you are sure it is unique.

Note: There is only one unique solution for each puzzle.

When solving on paper

  • Use a soft erasable pencil and a high quality eraser.
  • Draw paths as thin lines and paint the squares later.
  • Lightly draw temporary paths to see which pairs of clues are blocked from others.
  • Experienced solvers can paint with markers for outstanding results.

When playing on a computer

  • Use Preferences options in toolbar for a better personal playing experience.
  • Paths can be started from both ends, and then joined together later on.
  • Path fragments can also be painted by starting from any empty square.
  • Any path can be deleted by double-clicking the mouse or using the Delete key.