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Tuesday, November 5, 2002 Splattermania-'s puzzle solution


He has this super-cool nick name – Splattermania- – and a charming girlfriend named Alexandra. His real name is Björn. He is 24 and his experience in solving Conceptis puzzles began about 2 years ago with Kreativ-Trainer, the famous puzzle magazine from Germany. Following Björn's request, and for his lovely girlfriend Alexandra, shown here on the left, Conceptis has created this new puzzle portrait.

I started searching the internet for more of those PAPs and found conceptistech, but then my girlfriend Alexandra, shown here on the left, began to complain on me sharing more time with the puzzles than with her sometimes she was trying to solve one on her own, but mostly she wasn't very impressed. Now I want to get a puzzle of her portrait, thinking maybe she will then get greater pleasure of it! Today, when I am writing this, my girlfriend and I are exactly three years together.

My first Kreativ-Trainer could have been three years ago, maybe less. A friend of mine from university told me about this magazine, and I immediately went to look for it at my magazine dealer. The first one or two puzzles were a little difficult, but soon I understood, how it worked and never could stop buying new magazines.

Unfortunately, that was a little too expensive for my low budget as I am a student (read more about it further down), so I searched for more puzzles on the PM's website. Soon I have found the three online-puzzles and foreseeing nothing bad, clicked on the conceptistech-link.

I think, the site looked nearly the same, but I am not sure. Maybe I found the site later than 2 years ago. All I was looking for was a link to download a few samples of PAPs, and this is exactly what I found - twenty or thirty PAPs and even the same number of LAPs. Those puzzles were soon all solved, and I wanted more so I signed up at Puzzler’s Place. Today I am taking my place in the reviews almost every week; I search for Easter-eggs (found 12 by now) and use the Forum.

About Alex and me

Let’s come to some personal information on Alex and me:

Alexandra (19) is my girlfriend since October 17th 1999. Since August 2001 we are living together in Hürth, near Cologne. She studies Business in Cologne (3rd Semester) at RFH Köln university. Her hobby is acting and she’s member in a group of hobby-actors.

I am a student at the same university as Alex, but my subject is Business in combination with Computer Science (5th Semester). I have many hobbies: I play the drums in a few bands, I play tennis, Computers are also my hobby and last but not least (for sure) Alex is one of my hobbies. When she claims that I am sharing more time with puzzles than with her, I just say: “You’re right!” Maybe I add a little “I’m sorry, I try to improve…don’t you want to help me???

About my nickname; well, the day I got my first internet connection, some of my friends came by to watch some Splatter-videos such as Braindead and Bad Taste. We watched them until about 23:00, startet chatting, and chosed the name splattermania-. This name has survived until today, although I’m no more that interested in Splatter-Videos. The hyphen was because of me tring to choose a longer than 14 characters username.

By the way, some of Conceptis' German readers may know Hürth, because RTL, an important German TV-Station, has a few studios here.

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