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Puzzle and Bed

Friday, September 6, 2002 Melissa's puzzle solution

Last night my husband begged me to "come up to bed". "Please," he said, "you've been puzzling all day! It's time for bed." Fortunately, I keep a collection of Games magazines under the bed. Actually, I keep copies of Paint by Numbers from Games Magazines under the bed...

I try not to write on the originals. Maybe this isn't saying a whole lot for my Pic-a-Pix-ability, but I tend to need to make a few attempts before I arrive at the final product! I cannot remember when these puzzles first entered my life, but I do remember clearly a euphoric day when a COLORED Paint-by-Numbers arrived in my mailbox.

What a day it was! Ten times as complex, a hundred times as difficult, and a thousand times as fun, with the best reward yet! Now back to my husband, calling me to bed - a situation that has occurred on many an occasion. If I am done with my Pic-a-Puzzle, I may even adhere to his pleading. Then again... there's another puzzle awaiting my colored pencils!

My name is Melissa. I was born in Leonardo, New Jersey, but felt most of my growing pains in Tampa, Florida. I currently live in Minnesota with my ever-patient husband Zeb and our four (yes, FOUR) "mischievous" cats.

On the rare occasion you have found me in a place other than the futon doing something other than counting squares back and forth across a piece of paper, you can find me clicking away at the keyboard at the bank where I work. Or I might be on the phone with my parents, trying to talk Zeb, into a game of Chinese checkers, or going shopping with my mother-in-law. But I'm probably bent over a Pic-a-Puzzle.

Regardless of where you have found me, I am definitely holding a mug full of mint chocolate chip ice cream! That's my story. Thank you again for letting me tell you about my love for your puzzles! And thank you for making my DAY by sending me a puzzle of MYSELF! It is FANTASTIC!!

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