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My name is Aylon

Tuesday, July 30, 2002 Aylon Dorfman'a puzzle solution

My name is Aylon and I'm a Conceptis puzzle addict. Before I started solving Conceptis puzzles I was a promising computer student*.

It all began one day when I decided to buy a different puzzle magazine than the one I usually purchase. It had one Conceptis puzzle in it - and that was enough to get me hooked. I loved it from the second I started solving it. Every month I would buy the magazine only for that specific puzzle.

After a while it came to my attention that there is a magazine that consists entirely of Conceptis puzzles - I ran out and bought it month after month, but I would finish all the puzzles within a week and I needed more! That is when I decided to start searching the web for more puzzles. Eventually I found conceptistech.com, and that only made things worse! I've nearly failed two semesters because I'd rather solve puzzles than study for my exams. I now live from puzzle to puzzle trying to get through the day.

* Not everything written here is true, but it's not all untrue either.


Aylon Dorfman lives in Israel, in a small Kibbutz near the Sea of Galilee. He is 26 years old and about to finish his second year of computer studies at Yizrael Valley College (YVC). He is recently married and enjoying every second of it, "even more than solving Conceptis puzzles!"

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