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Sort of an Obsession

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 Sort of an Obsession

We've known each other since we were 16 years old, 6 years ago. It started getting serious only a while ago and now our first anniversary is coming up soon. Puzzles and crosswords have always been some sort of an obsession for both of us with Sudoku, Kakuro, Fill-a-Pix and Pic-a-Pix being our major pass-time activities.

Naturally, since both of us like these puzzle types so much, we started solving them together as a way to spend time and it quickly became a habit. After a while, we decided that on the 13th day of each month - our anniversary day - we would solve a puzzle together, usually a Fill-a-Pix.

A puzzle made especially for us

As I mentioned earlier, our first year anniversary is coming up soon and I wanted to surprise my girlfriend with a puzzle made especially for us. Having been a reader of similar Fan stories published on their site, I sent conceptispuzzles.com a few photographs and asked if they can turn one of them into a personal Fill-a-Pix 'love puzzle'. The result is shown in the photo above and can be played interactively from the puzzle widget on this page.

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