Logic puzzle fan stories


Sunday, June 5, 2005 Wilma's puzzle

I just recently came to know conceptispuzzles.com via the site of "Puzzelsport", your Dutch publisher. I used to buy some of their magazines. Not every month, for my family need my attention, and when I have got a puzzle magazine I hardly get any rest till all puzzles are solved. Most puzzles are solved at night time.

I like large puzzles - PAP as well as LAP. The smaller puzzles I leave for my 16-year old son, who also likes them. Even my 10-year old daughter wants to try to solve the easier LAP's. PAP's are too difficult. She solves all your MAP's and likes them very much.

Since I came to conceptispuzzles.com the end of last December I solve all Conceptis puzzles, so there is even less time for sleep. One of my all-time favourites is the PAP of the fisherman, so I was happy to rediscover it on the site. I printed it right away to solve. Now my son and daughter are nearly as addicted as I am. My husband and eldest son don't like these puzzles, and my husband complains he doesn't get any attention at all.

I like solving your color puzzles online even better than in a magazine. No need to search for pencils in the right color! Sometimes I print the large B&W PAP. Then I can lay it aside if I need to do anything else, like going to work!

It takes more time to get used to FAP puzzles, especially the advanced logic ones. That is why I also prefer solving these online, so I can check. I thought the pictures were not as nice as with PAP and LAP, but this week's basic logic puzzle of the horses is a beauty and real fun to solve.