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Sym-a-Pix: find the symmetry, discover the picture

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 Sym-a-Pix: find the symmetry, discover the picture

Sym-a-Pix, a new family of picture-logic puzzles based on rotationally symmetrical shapes, has been released by Conceptis. Similar to Pic-a-Pix, Fill-a-Pix and Link-a-Pix, the new puzzles are exciting, challenging, highly addictive, and provide hours of mentally stimulating entertainment while solving and revealing the hidden pixilated picture step by step.

Sym-a-Pix rules are simple: Each puzzle consists of a grid containing dots in various places. The object is to reveal a hidden picture by drawing a block around each dot so that its shape is ‎rotationally symmetrical to the dot, its color matches the color of the dot, there are no other dots ‎inside it and no squares are left out at the end of the solution.‎

From five minutes to several hours to solve

Sym-a-Pix puzzles may be played interactively online or printed and solved on paper. When playing online, useful preferences such as auto-solving starting points, painting completed blocks and auto completing symmetrical walls make the game even more fun to play. The game also offers features common to other Conceptis’ interactive games such as save, print (including resize and multi-page), zoom in/out, undo/redo and check solution.

Sym-a-Pix puzzles come in one of two logic levels: Basic Logic, which require easy logic techniques and are straightforward to solve, and Advanced Logic, which contain more advanced situations making these puzzles very challenging and rewarding to solve. For each logic level the puzzles are available in B&W and color, and in a wide range of sizes and difficulty levels taking anything from five minutes to several hours to solve.

Can't wait to try out Sym-a-Pix?

Tentai-Show (天体ショー)

Sym-a-Pix is based on Tentai-Show (Japanese: 天体ショー), an original puzzle published by Nikoli Inc. in Japan.

If you like Pic-a-Pix (also known as Picross and Nonograms) and other picture logic puzzles, you will surely enjoy Sym-a-Pix as well! Can't wait to try out Sym-a-Pix? There is a free sample on this page you can start solving right now. If you want more, a new free puzzle is published each week in the Play online section together with some more Sym-a-Pix puzzles which you can purchase with Conceptis Credits starting right now.

To learn more about Sym-a-Pix, watch an interactive Flash tutorial and solve some more free samples, go to Sym-a-Pix in Get started section.

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