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Calling all puzzle fans: Join Conceptis Facebook Page

Friday, April 17, 2009 Calling all puzzle fans: Join Conceptis Facebook Page

Moving with the times and searching for ways to provide better games and services we decided to dabble in social networking and officially announce a Facebook page. After many improvements we’ve done in the past few months there are already hundreds of Facebook members who became Conceptis fans, some of which are shown in the above mosaic. We now hope to expand our Facebook community by reaching out to many more logic puzzle lovers like you wherever they are.

Become a fan!

Look for the Facebook puzzle

Oh yes... we are so thrilled having our own Facebook page that we created a special Facebook Easter Egg puzzle. Look for it in the Notes tab at the top of the page.

Help us and show your support by joining our newly launched Facebook page too! You don’t need a Facebook account to view the new page, but you do need it if you want to be a "Fan" of Conceptis on Facebook.

Click here to visit Conceptis Facebook page

The following list summarizes what you can do on the new Conceptis Facebook page:

  • Solve new puzzles from time to time, exclusively published on Facebook
  • Always track along with what's going on
  • Get fresh photos, videos and links related to logic puzzles across the world and share your own
  • Get instant updates about Conceptis’ official and behind-the-scenes activities
  • Enjoy another discussion platform with Conceptis’ team and with other community members

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