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Puzzlelympic: world's first iPhone / iPod touch game with Conceptis Puzzles

Monday, March 9, 2009 Puzzlelympic: First Conceptis Puzzles game for iPhone and iPod touch released

Puzzlelympic, the world's first game for iPhone and iPod touch containing Sudoku puzzles by Conceptis is now available on Apple App Store worldwide. Developed by Mobile Arts Sdn Bhd. and released on March 3, Puzzlelympic provides 128 beautifully constructed puzzles at an all-affordable price of $1.99.

Puzzlelympic design is based on underwater themes with eye-catching graphics, soothing background music and charming sound effects. The game comes with 128 Sudoku puzzles in easy, medium and hard difficulty levels and is played with an English user interface.

Unique game-play features

Puzzlelympic: easy screen

Easy puzzles screen

Puzzlelympic also comes with unique game-play features which offer a Sudoku puzzling experience not available anywhere else:

Puzzlelympic: menu assitant

Menu Assistant

  • Assistant: Helps players identify the possible answers, improves their logic thinking skill and enables them to progress quickly to higher difficulty levels.
  • Tracer: Stores the history of the numbers that have been keyed in. It also helps the players to track back their input numbers if there is any mistake.
  • Auto save: Automatically saves the game in case of incoming calls. Players are able to resume their last played puzzle once they return to the game.

Screenshots via Apple App Store

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