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World's most advanced puzzle website launched by Conceptis

Thursday, May 15, 2008 conceptispuzzles.com

Leading logic puzzle supplier Conceptis announces a new website today dedicated to logic puzzle enthusiasts. Promised to be the most advanced puzzle website ever created, conceptispuzzles.com aims to change everything about how we play logic puzzles on the Internet.

The site was designed with the sole intention of providing exceptional puzzling experience. Both newcomers who have no idea what logic puzzles are about as well as experienced "beyond Sudoku" puzzlers who seek new challenges and varieties will enjoy the range of puzzles and features. The site includes Sudoku, Kakuro, Battleships, Hitori, Slitherlink, Hashi, Pic-a-Pix, Link-a-Pix, Fill-a-Pix, Maze-a-Pix and Dot-a-Pix puzzles in dozens of variants and hundreds of models. All puzzles are playable interactively and printable online, providing a content and gaming platform which is by far the most advanced of its kind in the world.

Simple logic puzzle syndication

Are you an avid Sudoku fan? Conceptispuzzles.com is the only place where you can interactively play and print 9 Sudoku variants; Classic Sudoku; Mini Sudoku; Mega Sudoku; Diagonal Sudoku; Irregular Sudoku; Sum Sudoku; Multi Sudoku with many hybrids; OddEven Sudoku and Picture Sudoku. All Sudoku variants, as well as all other interactive puzzles on this website, are played on the same gaming platform offering the friendliest and most inviting puzzling environment possible.

The site was also designed to provide simple logic puzzle syndication. By adding a short piece of code, any website or blog can now offer a selection of puzzle broadcasting channels which are updated daily or weekly by Conceptis.

Everything about conceptispuzzles.com says "puzzles" and just about anything you see is “made of” puzzles. For example, when saving a puzzle the thumbnail image will automatically update to show the current state of the solution. Even some parts of the layout design, as you will find out after taking a closer look, will turn out to be playable puzzles.

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