Conceptis Mobile Apps Privacy Policy


Conceptis Ltd. provides ad-free mobile applications on the Apple, Google and Amazon app stores. Our apps are monetized through paid content, comply with all corresponding app store policies and do not collect any personally identifiable information (PPI) on our users. All content purchases made through our apps are done anonymously using the corresponding app store in-app payment system. All technical and analytics data collected in our apps is depersonalized and complies with the rules of the third-party tools and services which are used to collect it.

Mobile App Store Policies

Our mobile apps fully comply with the following app store policies:

Third Party SDKs and Mobile Analytics Tools

We use third party mobile analytics tools and SDKs in our mobile apps that collect certain technical and statistical information concerning your use of the apps. These tools include:

Data Collected by Third Party SDKs and Mobile Analytics Tools

The third-party services and SDKs we use in our apps automatically collect the following technical analytics information:

  • Automatically logged events - basic interactions in the app (e.g. app installs, app launches) and system events (e.g. SDK loading, SDK performance) that are collected automatically.
  • Facebook app ID - a unique identifier provided by Facebook to reference the advertiser's website and mobile app.
  • Mobile advertiser ID - the iOS IDFA or Android Advertising ID.
  • Metadata from the request - the mobile OS type and version, the SDK version, app name, app version, the device opt-out setting, the user agent string and the client IP address. It also collects the following device related metrics: time zone, device OS, device model, carrier, screen size, processor cores, total disk space, remaining disk space.
  • Crash reports - Whenever an unrecoverable problem occurs in our Android apps, the user is prompted to send us a crash report. Crash reports contain technical information to help us analyze and resolve the problem as well as an optional user comment. User’s explicit approval is required for every report to be sent.

How the Data is Used

Your Analytic Information is gathered and pooled with other users’ information, and used for the purposes of improving the service, for example for tracking the total number of users or visitors to the service, their aggregated activities on the service, gameplay data and other gameplay analytics, as well as for tracking websites and apps that refer visitors to our service.

AOL Oath (formerly Flurry) SDK allows us to identify statistical changes in major app usage and performance factors. Facebook SDK allows you to share links to our app store app pages with your Facebook friends.

Facebook SDK and Google Analytics SDK also allow us to run advertising campaigns to promote our apps on the Facebook, Instagram and Google platforms, as well as on third-party websites which are part of the Facebook and Google ads networks. The data is collected by the SDKs on an aggregated anonymous basis and is used to assess the performance and effectiveness of our campaigns as well as to better similar campaigns in the future.

Crash reports are processed and analyzed by our engineers for the exclusive purpose of improving apps reliability.

Opting-Out of Third Party Mobile Services

To opt-out of tracking by and sharing your information with third-party mobile services follow the provided links:

You can also limit mobile advertising tracking through your iOS and Android device settings:

How to contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions about this privacy policy or the information we hold about you. If you wish to contact us please send an email to