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sharonella -> Penny Press "Logic Art" (3/6/2003 7:21:53 AM)

Hi All!

I just bought the Penny Press magazine "Tournament Variety Puzzles Plus" which included 5 PAP, which they call "Logic Art". They were easy to moderate. (I messed up on the last one 2x before I got past my mistake - it was a 35x40.)

Anyway, the reason I am writing here is that, at the bottom of the last puzzle was a brief questionnaire:

1. Would you like Logic Art puzzles included in every issue of "Tournament Variety Puzzles Plus"?

[ ] NO - Please don't replace any of the regular puzzles I enjoy with Logic Art puzzles.

[ ] YES - I love these puzzles. Please include Logic Art puzzles in future issues.

2. Would you be interested in purchasing a volume made up exclusively of Logic Art puzzles? [ ] Yes [ ] No

Obviously, question number 2 got me VERY excited! They provided an address to mail the questionnaire to, as well as the following email address:

I think ALL of us would be VERY interested in a volume made up exclusively of Logic Art! So, send those emails! And if you get the magazine itself, it probably wouldn't hurt to mail in the questionnaire, too!

This issue of Penny Press "Tournament Variety Puzzles Plus" has a black background with yellow lettering. It is the WINTER issue "on sale until 4/15".


AukeSegos -> RE: Penny Press "Logic Art" (4/24/2020 5:40:37 PM)

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