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shiron -> RE: First beta online (1/13/2007 4:39:52 PM)

I wanted to know if you can create a LAP with more than 9 colors and how to define them.
Thanks, Shiron.[sm=icon_smile_question.gif]

Talihoe -> RE: First beta online (1/13/2007 8:24:04 PM)

mathilde & shiron

Go to the folder containing the picpuz program. You will find a Readme.txt file that has instructions for converting puzzles.


shiron -> RE: First beta online (1/13/2007 9:08:43 PM)

Patti: I know that file. The problem is that the colours are numbered; each line of the puzzle has two lines that define it, the second one relates to the colours used in that line: you write the numbers of the colours that appear by their order- so if I need say 13 colours- how will the program know if I write 13 or 1 and 3??
So the question still is-can I create a LAP with more than 9 colours?
Thanks, Shiron

Talihoe -> RE: First beta online (1/14/2007 9:30:58 AM)

shiron - I haven't converted many puzzles myself and nothing with that many colors. My guess is you are limited to 9 colors since there are no delimiters between the number codes on the 2nd line. As you say, the program wouldn't see a '13', it would see a '1' and a '3'. You could experiment with zero, maybe it would pick it up as a 10th color, but I don't know. Unless someone with more experience knows something different, I think you're limited to 9 colors.


Ooops -> RE: First beta online (1/16/2007 6:58:09 AM)

No, none of the puzzles (PAP or LAP) can have more than 9 colours. Sorry. As I know, there is also no Conceptis puzzle of these types even with more than 6 colours. (But I'm not sure.)

marced -> RE: First beta online (1/16/2007 10:42:04 AM)



I installed the new version and seem to have a problem - When running webloader, I am not able to download the conceptis puzzles for the week. Only Mosaic, Zoetpl.. etc load. Can you help me?

Thanks Marc


Can you help?

Thanks marc

orienteer -> RE: First beta online (1/22/2007 10:21:22 AM)

Hello Ooops,

Thank you for the great program. I updated from build 59 last week. Loading from Windows Explorer works much better with the new version. (Did not seem to work for me with the old build.)

One request: Would you please consider adding a timer so we could track our solving times? [ Simple clock would be great, but saving the times for each puzzle would be even better...]

Just tried downloading puzzles with the new version this evening - was presented with a response box stating that Fill-a-Pix, Pic-a-Pix and Link-a-Pix puzzle files could not be loaded. (Have not yet tried looking for more info about this error.)


orienteer -> RE: First beta online (1/23/2007 2:02:17 AM)

One more suggestion: When working on Link-a-Pix puzzles, it would be nice to be able to place a line segment without requiring that it be connected to one of the boxes with a number. (Sometimes I like to fill in a piece of a line without specifying either endpoint - may not know to which of two or three boxes it will eventually connect, but by "reserving" boxes, it may be easier to see and make other connections..)

Thanks again,


rcubero -> RE: First beta online (1/23/2007 2:43:55 AM)

I also have problems to download the puzzles this week with the new program. The message I get is "no puzzle file is able to load. Please check your Internet connection.
Any idea to solve the problem?

Ooops -> RE: First beta online (1/24/2007 2:01:36 AM)

I cannot understand your problems. I also tested if there might be a (new?) bug when you use PicPuz for the first time, but there is none.

Please check if you have the rights to write files to the chosen directory, where Web Loader should write its downloaded files. Which Windows version do you use? XP? Vista?

Especially with Windows Vista there are some great restrictions on the directories you can use for saving your files. You have to change the default settings to some directories where you have the rights to write. Otherwise, downloading of puzzles will fail every time!

Since I have no Windows Vista to test these routines I couldn't help you with that problems any further if you have that version of Windows.

rcubero -> RE: First beta online (1/24/2007 3:05:34 AM)

I use Windows XP.
Until this version I never have problems with downloading.
Thanks OOPS for your help.

orienteer -> RE: First beta online (1/25/2007 6:14:15 PM)

I use Windows XP. My first attempt to download was on Sunday night. When I tried again on Monday evening it looks like everything came down fine. (No errors were seen.)

Don't know whether the change was on the server or something on my local system.


orienteer -> RE: First beta online (1/25/2007 6:41:19 PM)

I just did another test - used Web Loader to download to a new test folder. 12 files were downloaded, then a error message popped up. [For comparison, I succeeded in downloading 24 files on Monday evening. Looks like the Conceptis puzzles did not come down today? ]

Here is the list of files that were downloaded today:

0200615.pmf 0200617.pmf 0300207.pmf 0300210.pmf
2200105.lmf 2200116.lmf 2300105.lmf 2300108.lmf
3200108.fmf 3200109.fmf 3200205.fmf 3200220.fmf

Here is the text of the error message:

Fill-a-Pix puzzle files could not be loaded.
Pic-a-Pix puzzle files could not be loaded.
Link-a-Pix puzzle files could not be loaded.

This might be a temporary problem, so please try again later.



lekahe -> RE: First beta online (1/25/2007 6:54:19 PM)

I also did a test. PicPuz WebLoader told that next update will be in 3 days and I got only the ones Stephen did and they come from the Dutch website. I had downloaded the puzzles in the same folder earlier but moved them. Does the current version have a memory regarding downloads? The previous didn't. Or have the files been removed because of the update tomorrow?


Ooops -> RE: First beta online (1/25/2007 7:19:58 PM)

Puzzle Download currently works so, that a web page is called with a get parameter representig the current date. If the date is in the future the web server answers with an error message, otherwise it sends a list of URLs by which the puzzle content files could be loaded.

PicPuz knows (until now) that new puzzles are published around Mondays 0:00 am. So it tries to find the date of "last" monday and uses this date to ask for the puzzle URLs. IIRC on sundays PicPuz tries to get puzzle for the next day, ie. it could load the next puzzles even if they are already available at 11 pm on sunday.

To distinguish if PicPuz has to wait until next monday or if the current week is already loaded it saves the date of the last successful Conceptis' download to the registry (regardless of the download path, Leena).

In former versions of PicPuz there were some error so that PicPuz didn't correctly recognized that some puzzle files were not loaded correctly. I "tried" to fix that bug and I was successful as I thought. Unfortunately, some of you now have problems loading some puzzles and I can only guess (because you don't have Vista) that there were indeed some problems while download, which former PicPuz versionen didn't recognize and now it does. So my advice could currently only be: Try again immediately or some minutes later.

(In the office I have sometimes the effect that the name server resolution is not well working and I get a error message while loading the conceptis page. If I reload the page immediately no further error occurs and the page loads as normal as ever. A problem of our company's ISP, I guess.)

Ooops -> RE: First beta online (1/26/2007 1:56:01 PM)

Okay, boys and girls. I suppose, there has to be some other (new) bug. I finally encountered your problems myself and had the possibility to check that this problem is not present when you use former versions of PicPuz.

You'll get a new version these days where the problem will hopefully be solved.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

lekahe -> RE: First beta online (1/26/2007 4:12:03 PM)


To distinguish if PicPuz has to wait until next monday or if the current week is already loaded it saves the date of the last successful Conceptis' download to the registry (regardless of the download path, Leena).

Well, the puzzles were updated today and PicPuz found them even if it is not Monday yet.

liduin -> RE: First beta online (1/26/2007 4:14:11 PM)

I can down-load the puzzles without a problem but they 're installed in the version "build 38" and I down-load it with the version "build 125" works
so this morning the new puzzles are all in my 'picpuz'!!!
thanks liduin

rcubero -> RE: First beta online (1/27/2007 1:19:40 AM)

Today I downloaded puzzles with version 125 without any problem.
Perhaps the verson knew thah it has to start to work on Friday.
Thanks to all.

dmberkley22 -> RE: First beta online (1/30/2007 11:51:57 AM)

I can't get the webloader to download new puzzles any more since Conceptis changed the day of the week for new puzzles. Can anybody tell me what I need to do?

Thanks! I don't want to miss out on more puzzles!


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