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Novanna52 -> Fill A Pix -- Can't find the blank (10/2/2021 7:03:16 AM)

I finish the puzzle, there are no errors, but the puzzle doesn't resolve, which means that I have a square that is not filled in. I am unable to find the square, because there is not enough contrast between X squares and blank squares. Is there a way to make the X squares a different color that either the blank or the filled-in squares? Or, just increase the contrast?

Admin -> RE: Fill A Pix -- Can't find the blank (10/2/2021 8:09:18 PM)

We did have higher contrast some years ago, but there were other complaints that the shading is too dark. The solution is to zoom-in the puzzle so the squares are large and more visible. In case you still can't find the last square, you can post a screenshot in this forum.

Thanks, Dave

cherriegrove -> RE: Fill A Pix -- Can't find the blank (10/22/2021 4:53:32 AM)

Good to know thanks!

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