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con32husk -> Puzzle Help!! (10/13/2020 10:55:42 PM)

Anybody have any idea how to make heads from tails of these first four clues? Any help would be appreciated if you have an idea of what the dots in the corners represent. Thanks for your help!


mbower -> RE: Puzzle Help!! (10/14/2020 2:32:32 PM)

Looks like you might touch matching corners together - arrange the cards so that matching symbols abut or touch each other diagonally?

con32husk -> RE: Puzzle Help!! (10/14/2020 3:14:32 PM)

I thought that but there are multiple of the same symbol so I'm not sure how you would match them up. At a loss! Maybe the dots are telling which letters to use somehow?

Ahlyis -> RE: Puzzle Help!! (11/5/2020 8:01:05 PM)

I don't see any multiple matching symbols except for the single dots. All of the 2 dot symbols have 0 or 1 matching symbol. Each of the 2 dot symbols are arranged horizontally, diagonally or vertically. I would consider each of those different.

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