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bluegrin -> HTML5 Issues (2/7/2020 3:39:01 PM)

Since the switchover, I've had a persistent issue which has made puzzles unplayable at times. At various sizes, the puzzle windows add a scroll bar on the side and bottom, except it doesn't do so consistently - it strobes on and off in a way that is visually too distracting to play, and at times forces the puzzle itself to move slightly. This happens even if the puzzle is nowhere near big enough to fill the screen. Maximizing almost never fixes it (and usually makes it worse), the only fix I've found is to zoom out excessively, but that makes the puzzles small enough that I can't always see them comfortably.

I don't know if anyone else is having this issue, but I really hope it gets fixed soon. I'm not going to dump more credits into this site if I can't use it regularly.

sfglbkf -> RE: HTML5 Issues (2/7/2020 3:58:35 PM)

I have not had these issues, but I have found that the scroll bars do not work well. Dragging the thumb to the bottom of the scroll bar does not usually get you all the way to the bottom of the puzzle. If you don't have a scroll wheel, you are out of luck.

dave -> RE: HTML5 Issues (2/7/2020 5:29:00 PM)

These issues happen if either the browser and/or the screen are not set at the correct zoom or size. To fix this issue, set the browser to 100% zoom, and set the screen to the recommended zoom. This will usually solve the problem with the scroll bars. After this, you should be able to change the zoom (or screen size) one step at a time avoiding the situations where the scroll bars behave erratically.

Hope this helps

bluegrin -> RE: HTML5 Issues (2/11/2020 1:41:43 AM)

That's not an acceptable fix, and shouldn't be for anyone. The "correct" zoom size is the one that is viewable for the user, not the one that software decides it wants to play with. This is a bug, not a user error.

My browser is always set to 100%, and my monitors are scaled because it's impossible to read text on a 27" 4k without it. Changing the monitor zoom to accommodate a puzzle game every time one is opened isn't going to happen, so we're back where we started - this needs to be fixed on the application level.

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