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emmasollo -> Fill-A-Pix (10/3/2019 8:07:42 AM)

I really love Fill-A-Pix. I do have an issue with my subscription thought. When I choose the filter the type of puzzle I want to complete, Basic | 70 x 50, This list that is presented to me are ones that I have already completed. I sometimes have done and paid for the same ones 3 times. I would have thought that once I have completed them and paid for them, that they shouldn't still be an option. Can anyone help me with this. I am working on a Mac and Safari. Surely I don't need to keep track of the ones I have completed by myself? Thank you

Admin -> RE: Fill-A-Pix (10/3/2019 8:49:19 AM)

If you purchased a puzzle, then it is always yours and you never need to pay for it again. If you still have an issue, please send us an email to

Thanks, Dave

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