Will-you-marry-me Puzzle

Sunday, June 5, 2005 Roderick's surprise

During a one week trip to Mallorca, Spain, Mikey suddenly got all excited and handed me a logic puzzle from Conceptis saying she couldn't do it herself, so we did the puzzle together. When we were done "Will you marry me" was written right across the top. I could barely believe my eyes.

Roderick and Mikey

Mikey later confessed to me that she had planned this for the longest time and the right moment never came up. Unfortunately she was feeling a bit insecure about the whole idea after we had a ring - no ring discussion, but I am glad that she finally found a moment to give me the puzzle.

Mikey and I have been in the same class at school from 7th grade on and we just hated each other. When her parents decided to move into our street I just felt shocked. She moved in that year and I think we didn’t pay much attention to one another and were trying to avoid each other as good as we could riding the same bus to school every day.

One day on a school trip another girl showed interest in me and it seems like Mikey got so jealous that she started flirting with me and since the other girl just wanted to "stay friends" Mikey and I got together.

The last four years we have been separated by a lot of miles since I studied in America and am now studying in Scotland while Mikey has been studying in Germany. Since we have been through a lot of rough times lately this surprise meant a lot for me.

Finally the pages are starting to turn though and we are going to move together in Scotland by the end of the summer when Mikey's done with her studies. Lately the decision to marry each other has been made and now we just have to find the right moment to do so. After all we would both like to have a base and to stop bouncing around the world, so as it looks now we will finally get to marry each other once I am done with my studies.

Thanks to Conceptis puzzles for giving my fiancé the idea for this puzzle proposal. I think that the idea to make "custom puzzles" is really super and I hope that lots of puzzle fanatics like us get a pleasant surprise out of a puzzle one day. Just like I did.