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New: Hashi for Android

Friday, January 27, 2017 New: Hashi for Android

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Conceptis Hashi is now also available for Android smartphones and tablets. Hashi is a highly addictive puzzle game where you create bridges between islands by logic deduction. Conceptis Hashi features over 300 puzzles in a wide range of sizes and difficulty levels, including 90 free puzzles to get you started and an extra free one which is released each week.

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Also known as Bridges, Chopsticks and Hashiwokakero

More Hashi puzzle volumes will be published regularly. All puzzles have unique solutions. For complete feature list and game screenshots check the official app page on conceptispuzzles.com.

Hashi, also known as Bridges, Chopsticks and Hashiwokakero, is a fun and addictive bridge-connecting puzzle which was invented in Japan. Each puzzle is based on a rectangular arrangement of circles, where each circle represents an island and the number in each island tells how many bridges are connected to it. The object is to connect all islands according to the number of bridges so that there are no more than two bridges in the same direction and all bridges are interconnected enabling passage from any island to another.

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