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Announcing the Winners of Conceptis Puzzler Photo Contest

Monday, January 6, 2014 Puzzler Photo Contest Winners

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the first Conceptis puzzler photo contest. In this contest you've all been invited to share a creative photo of yourself with a Conceptis puzzle and have a chance to win 3,000 credits to play hundreds of puzzles on conceptispuzzles.com!

The contest has been finalized and our team has selected 9 winners. Each winner will be awarded with 3,000 Conceptis Credits. New to our puzzles? Get started here! The following are the winning photos:

1. Karen Williams

Puzzler Photo Contest Winner: Karen Williams

Karen: "I am a self confessed Pic-a-Pix addict. My favourite are large colour ones."

2. Lauren Schooler

Puzzler Photo Contest Winner: Lauren Schooler

Lauren: "Some of the Mega Pic-a-Pix puzzles that I've done - solving all sizes of Pic-a-Pix for 13 years (and counting)!"

3. Gesa Lycos

Puzzler Photo Contest Winner: Gesa Lycos

Gesa: "Actually this one was easy, but doesn't matter for the message, does it?"

4. Patricia Milligan

Puzzler Photo Contest Winner: Patricia Milligan

Patricia: "Finished a cool winter puzzle."

5. Claudia Aparicio

Puzzler Photo Contest Winner: Claudia Aparicio

Claudia: "Not easy to play when you have a baby..."

6. Melinda Kujawa

Puzzler Photo Contest Winner: Melinda Kujawa

Melinda: "Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!"

7. Andi Pándi

Puzzler Photo Contest Winner: Andi Pándi

Andi: "Can't you see?!? I am very busy!"

8. Wilma Parhan

Puzzler Photo Contest Winner: Wilma Parhan

Wilma: "Looks like I'm getting addicted again. I discovered Conceptis nearly ten years ago and am still solving the puzzles regularly."

9. Amanda Rae Nielsen

Puzzler Photo Contest Winner: Amanda Rae Nielsen

Amanda: "I printed this Pic-a-Pix from your website about 4 years ago. It was probably one of the funnest puzzles I have ever done. It hangs on my wall at home."

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