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Conceptis Puzzle App Collection Refreshes Look-and-Feel for iOS 7

Sunday, December 29, 2013 Conceptis Puzzle App Collection Refreshes Look-and-Feel for iOS 7

An update to Conceptis collection of logic puzzle apps with refreshed design for iOS 7 has been released. To update your apps follow this link [iTunes link] or tap the update button in the App Store app on your device.

Conceptis mobile app collection consists of 8 no-frills puzzle games including Pic-a-Pix, Fill-a-Pix and Link-a-Pix which form whimsical pixel-composed pictures when solved. As well, the collection features games for other popular logic puzzles including Sudoku and Sudoku variants, Hashi, Slitherlink, Nurikabe and Tic-Tac-logic.

Playing large puzzle grids

"You'll need an eye for details to notice the changes but they all add up to a cleaner look-and-feel" says Nitsan Galanti, Graphic Designer at Conceptis. "We've flattened navigation bars, buttons and icons and stripped away some ornamentation. It's a gentle touch that allows better focus on what matters most: our puzzles."

Conceptis apps are designed to provide the ultimate experience for playing the puzzles on both iPad and iPhone and enable playing large puzzle grids with ease and precision. The updated versions also add indication for newly released puzzle volumes, improve stability and performance and are optimized for iPhone 5S.

Conceptis puzzles have only one unique solution and are solved using pure logic and deduction, according to the rules. The apps are free and contain free puzzle volumes, with additional volumes published regularly and available via In App Purchase. Can't wait to put your logic thinking to the test with iOS 7 style? Download our apps and start solving right now!

Download / Update Conceptis mobile apps (iTunes link)

Conceptis mobile apps (official pages)

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