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Christmas tree Sudoku: a puzzle celebration with 15 overlapping Sudoku grids

Thursday, December 4, 2008 Christmas tree Sudoku poster

The most popular Christmas tradition wears a new shape this year as Conceptis uncovers a 15-grid Multi Sudoku puzzle with the outline of a Christmas tree. This novel idea was conceived by Keesing Group B.V. in Netherlands who were looking for a special Christmas offer to the newspapers this year.

Puzzle fans can now enjoy solving samples of this uniquely shaped puzzle in Conceptis' Multi Sudoku page as well as by clicking the Play button on the widget below.

600,000 Christmas tree Sudoku posters

According to Frank Rietveld, Manager IPS & International operations of Tazuku at Keesing Group, 600,000 Christmas tree Sudoku posters (shown right) had been stitched to 30 latest issues of Keesing's Tazuku magazine series including 9 magazines with Conceptis puzzles. "Our goal with the poster" says Rietveld, "is to offer Tazuku fans, including subscribers and random buyers, a nice free extra for the holiday season."

GAMES Magazine has also included a Christmas tree Sudoku in the December issue published in the USA. According to Dave Green, president of Conceptis, magazine and newspaper publishers are welcome to use Christmas tree Sudoku puzzles in their next publications for promotional purposes or just for their reader’s fun.

Magazines with Christmas tree Sudoku poster

The magazines that include the 35x50 cm full color poster will be available in stores in The Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark between end of November to the week before Christmas. Following is a list of Keesing's magazines with Conceptis puzzles which contain the Christmas tree Sudoku poster. Issue numbers are in parentheses.

In The Netherlands:

  • Tazuku Sudoku Mix (13)
  • Tazuku Brainfun (7)

In Belgium:

  • Tazuku Sudoku Varia (7)
  • Tazuku Sudoku Mix (13)
  • Tazuku Brainfun (7)
  • Tazuku Sudoku Samurai (7)

In Denmark:

  • Tazuku Brainfun (5)
  • Tazuku Sudoku Twins (8)
  • Sudoku Varia (21)

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