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New woodcraft concept discovered by Yeshurun Barnea

Tuesday, May 14, 2002
Barnea with cello woodcut

Barnea with cello woodcut, 3/4" plywood 120x68 cm

Yeshurun Barnea (60), son of a well-known Israeli sculptor and an avid craftsman in his own right, discovered a new form of woodcraft – the Pixel Sculpture. This new concept emerged several years ago, when Barnea began to carve and paint plywood squares according to Conceptis’ puzzle designs. Now Conceptis Puzzles website is proud to present Barnea’s Pixel Sculptures in a worldwide premiere exhibition.

Barnea’s sculptures give new life to the pixel designs produced by Conceptis’ picture-forming logic puzzles. The combination of squares-based art together with colorfully painted plywood material produces an amazing three-dimensional effect of pixel sculptures never seen before.

Since he discovered this new sculptural concept, Barnea has been experimenting and creating hundreds of art works of various sizes and colors. Retired since 1989, Barnea lives in Israel with his wife Michal and works from his home in the city of Holon.

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