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randybbsa -> My Cross-a-Pix Tutorial (3/4/2023 2:41:15 PM)

I have become addicted with the My Cross-a-pix. However, I am not able to solve the hard ones, and sometimes the medium plus ones. Take this weeks medium plus Cross-a-pix. I have gone so far, then hit the wall. I'm at the point where I just start filling in by guessing and then checking for mistakes. Surely there is a way to solve these without hit or miss. It would be nice for the tutorials to go over one hard puzzle, to show the thought process in solving these.

Admin -> RE: My Cross-a-Pix Tutorial (3/4/2023 6:52:46 PM)

The best way to learn how to solve Cross-a-Pix is to post a screenshot of the puzzle on this forum. Our users will then give you tips and explanations how to solve the next step.

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